Man arrested over death of 85-year-old mother


Police in Kitamoto, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 52-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his 85-year-old mother.

According to police, Hidetoshi Izumi punched his mother Tsunako in the face at their home sometime on Tuesday, Sankei Shimbun reported. At around 4 a.m. Wednesday, Izumi called 119 and said his mother had fallen out of bed and injured herself.

The unconscious woman was taken to hospital where she died. The hospital notified police who questioned and then later arrested Kitamoto on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Izumi has admitted assaulting his mother and quoted him as saying he was stressed out from looking after her.

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Another pointless murder.

Send him to prison for life.

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This pattern is rather concerning especially when reading headlines recently-Corona- Corona- family member kills another family member..Support each other, check on each other especially the elderly that have no relatives nearby, say hello across the fence, ask if they need something or some help!

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I don't understand Japan's fascination with knowing someone's occupation. Is it so they can gossip or speculate? Take this same story above, and instead of the suspect being unemployed, what if he was a line cook, book store manager, publicity assistant, or taxi driver - does it change the facts of the story?

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@Tey: Fascinated with Nationality as well.

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It is horrible that something like this occurred. We all know it can be overwhelming and cause a burnout caring for someone who has life limiting situations.

My understanding is that Japan (along with countries such as Denmark,Sweden,etc) has a comprehensive long-term care policy that is publicly financed in order to prevent astronomical healthcare costs associated with long-term care.?

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What a scumbag. This poor mother raised this ungrateful good for nothing sack, and no doubt had to cook and clean for him...pathetically into his 50s. And the end comes as a punch in the face from this despicable animal. May he rot in prison until death.

Rest in Peace to the poor woman.

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"pathetically into his 50s"

U aint know? Diaper Dan, permeates this place.

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Poor Woman, raised her son only to put her to death in times of need. very sad and sick. ""Stressed Out""!?? If he was working he may have earned enough income to hire helpers, the prefectures offer many services for the elderly, what's wrong with him?

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Being a full time career of an ailing elder is very stressful and relentless. I’ve known many Japanese in their fifties and sixties who are just waiting and praying for their parents to die so they can get on with their own lives. With Japan’s aging population this scenario is becoming more and more common. It’s very disappointing that there is not more help available for these people. The private companies who take care of ailing elders are very expensive. Most only visit or take the elders out For a few hours once a week, which costs around ¥40-50,000 per visit. The governmental pension and health insurance schemes in Japan really let people down in their twilight years.

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In addition to your pertinent comments, Do the hustle, the sometimes unhealthy interpersonal dynamics between parents and their children exacerbate the untennable situation. Not all mothers are sweet and nurturing. Some know how to criticize, undermine and passive-aggressively trash a person's confidence all their lives. We don't know the full story. Perhaps the man imagining 10-15 more years in such a confining and unhealthy dynamic without the support systems needed to cope might explain this tragic ending. The man has exchanged one prison for another. The next one might be easier for him.

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Police said Izumi has admitted assaulting his mother and quoted him as saying he was stressed out from looking after her.

*aggravatedly exhales

I'm so tired of this type of murders. I really think Japan should make their senior care fees more affordable for struggling families and raise the pay for the employees which would put an end to these types of cases.

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