Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba


Police in Chiba city said Tuesday they have arrested a 61-year-old man over the hit-and-run death of a 68-year-old man.

According to police, Toshio Suzuki, a resident of Narita city, ran into and killed Naoyoshi Morinaga on a street in Midori Ward at around 4 a.m. Monday. Surveillance camera footage showed that Morinaga appeared to be lying on the road at the time of the incident, TV Asahi reported.

Police said they were able to identify Suzuki's car from camera footage and arrested him on Monday night.

Suzuki was quoted by police as saying he had seen someone collapsed on the road but was unable to stop in time. He said he kept going because he panicked.

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It is a shame that hit-and-run happens and is one of the most horrible examples of people failing to take responsibility for their actions. Many factors such as immaturity, fear, shock, shame etc. often play into a person's decision to flee the scene of the accident. While there will be consequences, they will be much less severe than if you try to flee the scene and are caught. Police understand that accidents do happen, and everything will be much easier for everyone involved if you resist the urge and choose not to run.

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So what happens if you hit someone that is already collapsed on the road. Who would be at fault here? I am talking if he decided to stay instead of running.

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One problem is that hitting someone with your car here is considered a serious crime, even though there was no malice or intent to harm, hence the word "accident." And since it is considered a serious crime, many drivers who do hit someone would rather run than face the punishment.

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Why should someone be at fault for hitting or running over a person lying in the road or running through a red light here in Japan? Isn't it time the law changed to protect the innocent? A hit and run is without accept is a crime.

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