Man arrested over murder of 75-year-old mother in Nagoya


Police in Nagoya have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 75-year-old mother at their house.

According to police, Yoshiaki Tsunoda, a company employee, is accused of killing his mother Mitsuko whose body was found by a caregiver at around 10:35 a.m. on Tuesday. Kyodo News quoted police as saying the victim had been strangled to death. She was lying on a bed in a room on the first floor of the house. The caregiver immediately called 119.

Police said Tsuno has admitted to strangling his mother as she slept at around 4:30 a.m. When he didn’t show up at work that day, his workplace notified police. Tsunoda was detained in Nagano Prefecture on Tuesday afternoon and charged on Wednesday.

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Tired of reading about these scumbags. The neighborhood should find a strong rope and a good tree and save the justice system the resources.

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Company employee is such an odd term to use. Kind of an oxymoron. What other type of employee could somebody be? Just actually name his company.

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GaijinjlandToday 08:19 am JST Just actually name his company

Why? What does his company have to do with him killing his mother?

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Really sad to hear but strangest is that the company notified the police because he didn't turn up for work.

What's with that?

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@buchailldana '... strangest is that the company notified the police because he didn't turn up for work.'

I find that very strange, too.

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The question not asked is why sons or daughters not equipped to care for an aged parent have to do so.

One issue is the cost of nursing homes.

The other is cultural norms and the like.

In old Japan the elderly were taken in winter to some snowy pass and left.

I worked as a nurse in psychiatric wards with dementia patients in Australia, and if not for the soothing effect of the healing herb I would'nt have lasted 2 weeks.

Currently my wife is looking after her mum {aged 88 } and it's a burden.....not so much that she talks like a budgie on crack , but mood changes and demands are really wearing us down.

If no one is with her, she talks to our little dog.

If she would just shut up for a while.....and I could enjoy a cold beer in peace.

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Caregiving is not at all an easy task, even when you're paid for it. Many people (usually women) are expected to do it for free. Regardless of the circumstances, no excuse is justification for murdering someone. Especially someone who is unfortunately in a position where they must depend on you due to being too sick to care for themselves.

Imagine that...being unable to defend yourself, when the person caring for you suddenly turns on you and strangles you to death? If you can't care for a loved one anymore, get help. But there will never ever be justification for you murdering that person in cold blood. May the woman rest in peace at last. May the killer rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

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When he didn’t show up at work that day, his workplace notified police. 

Is it illegal now to take a day off?

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Your mother gave birth to you, but you took her life to death.

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