Man arrested over murder of 77-year-old mother


Police in Kyoto have arrested a 44-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his 77-year-old mother.

According to police, Fumitaka Tabata has admitted to stabbing his mother Chikako, in the kitchen of her house at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Kyodo News reported. A neighbor who heard a woman screaming called 110.

Chikako was taken to hospital where she died about an hour after arrival due to loss blood from a knife wound to the chest.

Police said Tabata, who did not live with his mother, was visiting her for the night. He has so far given no motive for killing his mother, police said.

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Tragic end for the mother, that the culprit is unemployed may hint that motive could be that the mother refused to give him money, but without any information this could have been caused by other reasons. Unfortunately the neighbor could not avoid the death, but at least the call let the policy catch the criminal.

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Another irredeemable ingrate! - She carried him for nine months and probably provided EVERYTHING for him his first 20 years. Horrifying to read she was terrorized at 4am, screaming for her life and stabbed to death by that same visiting son.

May 16 was a son beating & choking his mother to death with his bare hands.

May 17 was another beating his father to death with a hammer.

Anticipating JT will be posting appropriate follow through stories with the trial & sentencing for all of these monsters.

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Poor mum. RIP.

He has so far given no motive for killing his mother, police said.

No really cares what excuse he claims.

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Mum wouldn’t pay up. 44 year old unemployed man child pops. Knifed in the chest. This weeks version.

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2nd story today about a family involved murder. Wow! Seems this is now just a daily thing. Some of these might of been prevented if the Japanese government stepped in and helped some of these families with elderly and handicapped members.

Are the elderly care homes here expensive?

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Cigars N Coffee, the story says that the man was visiting his mother in her home, meaning she was - at least currently - doing fine living by herself. No care home needed. And while it says he doesn't live with her, it also states he was unemployed. Sounds like this man is just another vengeful, family-murdering sicko.

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