Man arrested over murder of 86-year-old wife


Police in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, have arrested an 86-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 86-year-old wife.

According to police, Shin Sakashita called 119 at around 5 a.m. Sunday and said he had strangled his wife at their home, Sankei Shimbun reported. The woman was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Sakashita was quoted by police as saying that his wife was ill and that he wanted to end her suffering as painlessly as possible.

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I took care of my elderly FIL as he spent his last year succumbing to cancer while my wife was raising our infant son. It is no easy job even for a young man, sponge baths (take note to keep clean the area under the scrotum) and bed sores and all. Imagine what that is like for an elderly person. Overwhelming. More proactive outreach by the government and NGOs would help. Never, ever blame an elderly person for simply calling it quits.

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Sakashita was quoted by police as saying that his wife was ill and that he wanted to end her suffering as painlessly as possible.

Strangulation is neither painless nor quick though. He must have been overwhelmed to resort to such desperate measures. Where was the social and welfare support when he and his wife needed it huh?

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The end of year period is specially stressing for some people, it is too late for this couple, but for others whose family members are under special difficulties special care should be taken to see how they are living right now, a small amount of attention could have prevented this.

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Could this be a mercy killing? Or, is it yet another murder by someone fed up with caring for their ailing partner?

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Took care of my wife mother Emiko. She was in middle school during WW2… she hated Americans…I’m a Nam Vet so I must have fit in with my dads outfit…she glared at me as I changed her diapers and as we cared for her…it was very difficult but we pushed thru it. It cussed my wife to get lupus from the stress. This man must have really suffered…the once young and vibrant in constant pain and he being 86! May he find peace.

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If what he is saying is the truth then it does open up the discussion of euthanasia. Its on the table in GOVT house in NZ at the moment and if I have the option of ending my life if and when I become incapacitated or have a terminal illness that will cause me pain I would opt to leave.

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Old age is scarry

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Much respect toy you my friend.

It takes a special person to do what you did,

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