Man arrested over murder of mother in Ibaraki


Police in Inashiki, Ibaraki Prefecture, said Monday they have arrested a 37-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 62-year-old mother.

According to police, Kazushige Miyamoto killed his mother Masako by stabbing her more than 10 times in the chest and other parts of her body in a field beside her home on Saturday. TBS reported that Miyamoto, who is his mother's second-oldest son, was picked up at his apartment in Nagano on Sunday.

Police said they found what looked like the murder weapon at Miyamoto's apartment. Police quoted him as saying he killed his mother but he has so far provided no motive for the crime.

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Another sad tale of family murder. The lack of comments tells me people are not shocked by this anymore. After all, it happens at least once a week.

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I'm so disgusted at reading about family murders almost every day here in this country in the JT. Is this kind of sensationism news coverage so important for everyone to read? It won't make your readers better people by informing us of these crimes. How about good news.

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a bad guy who have no sense of behaviour ....................... disgusting

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Here we go again Where is the Family Love!!! Every week a relative kills a family member as if they are just a total stranger!

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seriously... its more likely for you to be killed by your close relatives in japan... weird

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