Man arrested over murder of Osaka karaoke parlor owner asks for death penalty


A 57-year-old man who went on trial at the Osaka District Court on Friday for killing a 25-year-old woman at the karaoke parlor she owned last year, requested the death penalty when asked if he pleaded guilty or not.

Hiroshi Miyamoto, a company employee from Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture, is accused of killing Mayuko Inada whose body was found at around 10:45 a.m. on June 14, 2021, at her Gomachan karaoke parlor on the fifth floor of a commercial building in Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka, Fuji TV reported. Police said Miyamoto, who was a regular customer at the karaoke parlor, has admitted going to the parlor on the night of June 11 and killing Inada by stabbing her at least 10 times in the chest and neck.

A male friend of Inada, worried at not having heard from her, went to the building on June 14 and spoke to a woman who runs a coffee shop on the first floor. The woman, who was also a close friend of the Inada, has a master key to the karaoke parlor. She and the man went up to the fifth floor and let themselves into the locked karaoke parlor where they found Inada’s body.

In the opening session of Miyamoto’s trial, prosecutors said that building surveillance camera footage showed Inada going into the building at around 5 p.m. on June 11 but there was no footage showing her leaving the building.

Miyamoto regularly frequented the karaoke parlor where Inada used to work for four years up until January when she opened Gomachan.

According to media reports, Inada had told an acquaintance she was having trouble with Miyamoto who was constantly making advances toward her. Miyamoto is married.

Prosecutors said that Miyamoto waited until other customers left, killed Inada, then locked the karaoke parlor and took the key with him.

They also said a DNA analysis of blood found on Miyamoto’s clothes matched that of the victim.

After his initial statement, Miyamoto remained silent for the rest of the session.

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25 year old woman, her whole life ahead of her. Request denied. Life at hard labor.

1 ( +6 / -5 )

Is extremely hard to get the death penalty and even if you get it, you will be waiting decades for it to happen. That torturous wait of your own hanging is the punishment most the public wishes for them.

If he really want the death that badly, he should just do it himself instead of hoping someone else do it for him.

1 ( +7 / -6 )

Don't give him the death penalty. Death is a release from punishment and sadly, the deayj penalty is the motivation for many murders in Japan. Let him rot in a 10x8 cell for the rest of his life. That is a punishment.

-4 ( +12 / -16 )

That request means prison suck. Good, let him get life. That is real punishment.

12 ( +15 / -3 )

I agree. If somebody would rather die than be in prison, it must be dire in there. I guy I used to know went there for about five years, and when I bumped into him in the street afterwards, he had servere mental problems and was having random conversations with objects in the street.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

give him life sentence this will punish him harder.death penalty will be just easy exit for him.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

So many of you still want to throw much additional money behind him, for long life prison, the needed staff, energy, food etc, only to punish him denying own wish for death sentence? Quite weird. One should better ask what’s better, quicker and cheaper for the society and what the victims’ family wishes for. What that killer says or wants should not play any role.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

You don't necessarily wait decades for the death penalty in Japan anymore. The process is not as slow as it used to be. Mamoru Takuma committed his crimes in Osaka on June 8, 2001. He was executed on September 14, 2004, as he waived all rights to appeal. If someone fights the death penalty, the process takes a long time, and the whole process can be more expensive than life imprisonment due to the legal costs involved. Agree with others that this man should get life without parole.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

It's hard to say how she could have prevented this. If she reported him as a stalker, the cops would have just said "taihen desu ne". I guess the only lesson for people in this business is to not be alone with the stalker.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Hiroshi Miyamo should be locked in a prison cell and the key thrown away in the Sea of Japan.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

He’s a nutter and must be punished severely for his ghastly deeds. However I am against the death penalty for all crimes. I do not wish to see the state have the legal facilities to kill people, it can be abused with the wrong leadership.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I am against the death penalty for all crimes ... it can be abused with the wrong leadership.

Life imprisonment can also be abused with the wrong leadership. So can 25-year sentences. So can raising taxes. And so on.

Lots of things can be abused with the wrong leadership. In fact, they often are.

If wrong leadership is the problem, change the leadership.

Dropping something because it can be abused by the wrong leadership is not a sufficient reason for dropping it.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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