Man arrested over murder of parents in Kagoshima


Police in Kagoshima on Thursday arrested a 30-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his parents.

According to police, the man called 110 at around 9 p.m. Wednesday and said he had killed his parents, Fuji TV reported. Police went to the house where they found a man standing at a window on the second floor, with a can of heating oil and lighter, threatening to set the house on fire.

The standoff continued until about 12:30 a.m. Thursday, at which point the man surrendered. Inside the house, police found the body of the man’s father, who was in his 60s. The victim had been stabbed in the neck and stomach and was declared dead at the scene.

Police said the suspect’s mother, who lived apart from his father, was also found stabbed to death at her residence about six kilometers away.

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What is the connection between unemployed people here and murders? Are they trying to collect life insurance or pension money?

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The Police indicated that he is under suspicion of the murders because the man admitted that he killed his parents.


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@Michael Machida I'm with the police on this one: he could definitely be a suspect.

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@Michael Machida

It's a legal term.

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Dad: hey! you're 30years old unemployed, I can't give you pocket money anymore.

Suspect: Are you joking or What? what happens to pachinko ?

Dad: ki ki hi hi You can't be going to Pachinko and spending time, money and food I'm done.

Suspect: hahah is that what you want? I will kill you both then kill myself.

Dad: Oh! you watch a lot of movie huh coward

Suspect: Okay it's over now I got to end all this here and now haaahaaahaaaa die now mom and dad.

RIP parents

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Parasite single told to get a job most likely

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Larr FlintToday  10:10 am JST

Tragedy, the government should stop all the benefits for unemployed or at least revise it.

Too many people have no motivation to do anything because they either get benefits, welfare, cash from parents etc.

It's the same the whole world over.

(It's the poor what gets the blame)

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Seem to have read and commented on this or something like it just yesterday? … Two days ago? … ?

Well, this’ll do:

- Yes, “no guns” are readily available in Japan but sure seems that frustrated & angry Japanese men do periodically take out their frustrations in life on others, lashing out at ‘innocents’, often with either knives or flammables.


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@Larr Flint

You can only get unemployment benefits in Japan if you've worked and paid into the scheme. Having a steady 9-5 doesn't cure mental illness.

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I guess the guy really cut off both hands that fed him. Once he realized he couldn't get his parents to take care of him he decided to off them. He will get free meals only under supervision in a jail cell now.

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