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Man arrested over murder of ex-wife in Amagasaki


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Rest in Peace” poor soul, “Condolences” offered to grieving family, friends & coworkers.

May there be true “Justice”, both swift and appropriate to fit the crime to which the assailant’s immediately and voluntarily admitted he did.

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Still, with tonight’s update, had wished some previous media inconsistencies noted by prior commenters had been cleared up.

For example tonight, its worded the delivery man phoned 110 after finding her lying in the parking area. Yesterday, it was reported “Morimoto was taken to a hospital after a delivery man called emergency services at around 8:20 p.m. saying that "a man possibly in his 20s or 30s" was stabbing a woman.” Read like he was a witness to the murder.

Who knows what to truly believe when the integrity & credibility of media sources in Japan constantly vacillate, eh? Let’s wait for the “trial” and “verdict” to give the family & community some closure.

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Who knows what to truly believe when the integrity & credibility of media sources in Japan constantly vacillate, eh?

This is NOT a Japanese thing, it's a 24-hour news media thing. The media have always reported on the facts they find, but when they were only reporting once a day, they had more time to fact gather. But it's not like news stories were perfect even back then. They often were short on details.

People unreasonably think that somehow, reporters should magically know all the details AND be accurate AND report it instantly. When in reality, you get one of the three, two in lucky situations. We see it here on this site all the time, posters whining about the lack of information in a story, as if reporters were omnipotent magical beings.

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Terrible way to deal with life. The guy should have just walked away from this situation and deal with it. Life has its ups and downs.

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Broken love

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I guess he wanted to get caught cause he didn't think this out before killing his X. Blood on his scooter, clothes with blood on it and a bloody knife. He had a day to get rid of the cloths the knife and clean his scooter .... Enjoy your prison time buddy ....

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