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Man arrested over wife's murder in Hokkaido


Police on Sunday arrested a man on suspicion of abandoning a corpse, after his wife's body was found in the second floor bedroom of their home in Asahikawa in Hokkaido. Police said the woman appeared to have been strangled with a piece of string a day or two before her body was discovered.

The suspect, who has been identified as Tadashi Nagai, 63, is accused of dumping the body of his wife Takako, also aged 63, on March 31. Police visited the home after welfare workers reported that they had been unable to contact Nagai's 90-year-old mother, Toshi.

According to police, another woman's body was found in Nagai's garage. The woman's head had been wrapped in a polyethylene bag and police estimate that she died a month or two ago. Police are currently expediting identification of the body, which they believe to be that of Nagai's mother.

According to police, Nagai confessed to dumping the bodies, although he has not yet confessed to killing them.

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This article left me slightly confused until I realized there was a mistranslation/poor choice of words. The word 'dumping' is misleading, seeing as the bodies never left the premises. 'Abandonment' is the more legal term, as it implies that the suspect abandoned his legal responsibility to report the deaths to the proper authorities (for a reason to be explained later). Dumping would include the concept of abandonment, but implies improper disposal of things, in this case a corpse or two, especially off one's property. Since the bodies were found on the second floor and in the garage, abandonment off a corpse is the safer, more descriptive choice.

Irregardless of my quibbling, shades of Norman Bates here. He didn't happen to run an inn, did he?

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I don't know if this is the motive but it turns out quit a few people don't report their parent's death so they can continue to collect the pensions. Turns out they couldn't actually get in touch with I think it was thousands of people in their 100's who were collecting checks.

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Let that be a lesson to those who kill: bodies should be disposed of in the proper fashion, or you'll just get yourself in a heap more trouble.

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I agree that "dumping" isn't the best choice for describing what happened to the wife. It would be more appropriate for describing what happened to the woman whose head was found in the garage.

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“describing what happened to the woman whose head was found in the garage.”

“another woman’s body was found in Nagai’s garage. The woman’s head had been wrapped in a polyethylene bag”

Fadamor, I think you could probably reason from the above that the woman’s head was still attached to her body.

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