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Man charged with drunk driving after 2 die in car crash


Police said Monday they have charged a 43-year-old man with drunk driving after two men died in a car crash in Tabuse, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Teruchika Uchimura, was driving along a highway at 10:40 p.m. Sunday when he rear-ended a vehicle in front of him, TBS reported. Two brothers aged 39 and 40, who were passengers in Uchimura's car, died in the crash.

Police said they administered a breathalyzer test and Uchimura was found to be over the limit, TBS reported.

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i am thinking no seat belts.

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Charged with drunk driving, for killing two people. Hmmm

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How much over the limit? I thought the limit was 0%.

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Two passengers who got into a drunk car, lesson there for smart people to learn.

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Sorry, should have done my homework: .03% is the apparent legal limit. If he was .04??

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If he was .04??

Then he would be over the limit.

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if the brothers had survived, the police could have charged them with allowing a drunk person to drive.

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Drink and killing strangers was more often, but killing own brothers, OMG! This moron will cry for long time

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I would prefer to hear that the cops charged him with 1st degree pre-meditated murder! IMHO THAT is exactly what drunk driving related deaths are. No one puts a gun to your head to drink, and no one does the same in forcing you to drive afterwards. Have the cops and prosecutors put this guy on trial with the death penalty as a possible conviction and I wonder what affect that would have on the population as a whole. Might do some good!

With all the information out there now about NOT drinking and driving it's only a lunatic that chooses to drink and drive.

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Ricky is right on.

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Let me guess... the passengers were not wearing seat belts. Granted, the greater crime is that which got them killed (ie. drunk driving), but they may well have survived had they belted up. Anyway, glad no one in the rear-ended car were not seriously injured (it would seem, as nothing was reported about them here), and hope Uchimura rots for at least a decade in prison. Had they been drinking at some izakaya or something police need to find out where it was and shut them down -- or at least take away their liquor license for a year or so.

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In no way am I condoning drinking and driving but I too wonder how far over the limit he was. It is possible that he nodded off because he had been working long hours and that caused the crash? Not that it would change the situation though...

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They need more drunk driving awareness programs. More than the driver's license renewal classes. Air commercials and etc.

Idiot drinking and riving again

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This is just up the road from me and explains all the sirens going off on Sunday night!

People often don't wear seatbelts especially in the back of cars, although I believe it is a requirement by law to do so.

RIP to the deceased.

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Drink and killing strangers was more often, but killing own brothers, OMG! This moron will cry for long time

Based on the article, I believe the two victims were brothers, but not related to the driver. Otherwise the article wouldn't have said, "after two men died in a car crash in Tabuse, Yamaguchi Prefecture." It would have said something like, "after two family members died in a car crash in Tabuse, Yamaguchi Prefecture."

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How much you want to bet that the passengers were NOT wearing seatbelts?

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