Man charged with fatally shooting doctor denies intent to kill


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The ONLY intent when using a gun, is to kill.

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What a P O S

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speechless.i am speechless.

poveste ho vejs!!!

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Hiroshi Watanabe, 67 never intended at all" to murder anyone,

sprayed another medical worker with tear gas

First law broke: illegal use of a firearm in JAPAN

Where did he get the teargas, isn't also illegal to have in JAPAN!

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What the hell? Why was he even carrying a gun? He only had one intent and that was to kill or injure.

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He sounds very deranged.

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Death penalty is the best solution for this evil scum.

After the arrest, the suspect was quoted by investigative sources as saying he wanted to take his own life

Why didn't he follow through and do the world a favour - and spare all these innocent people?

Rest in Peace to the innocent doctor.

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