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Man convicted of causing blast in Sapporo gets suspended sentence


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The cans Tsujimoto emptied were part of the unused inventory in the office.

Maybe he’ll think twice before wasting next time

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The Sapporo District Court handed down the ruling on 35-year-old Takahiro Tsujimoto, a former store manager of an Apaman Co agency.

Making terrible decision during his work that really cost his job.

According to the ruling, Tsujimoto triggered an explosion on Dec 16, 2018, by turning on a water heater for washing hands in the real estate agency office that was filled with flammable gas after he had emptied around 80 to 90 spray cans there prior to their disposal.

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Ah, the joys of rote with no time for play to discover stuff for yourself.

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total no-brainer...I am pretty sure flammability warnings are written on the backside of the cans...

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What the article forgets to mention is that he was emptying cans that had been charged to new renters for apartment deodorization but never used - a scam - and was emptying them on-mass because he was about to be discovered in an inventory check the following day...

That part was actually the big story - not the stupidity of blowing himself up... But it seems that the company may have just donated some money to some local officials because that part was never officially addressed...

This all went down about 300m from my house and the explosion rattled the windows big time - the following day when walking to Hiragishi Subway I found shards of glass imbedded in the exterior walls of a pachinko parlor like shuriken across the 4 lane + median street...

Knew it was an explosion right away because only a explosion or artillery has a percussion & reverberation like that...

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WTH would somebody empty 90 cans of air freshener, unless they had some deliberately malicious intention?

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WTH would somebody empty 90 cans of air freshener, unless they had some deliberately malicious intention?

Or was just following order from a not-so-very-smart boss.

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