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Man dies after being hit by two cars on Ibaraki street


A man died early Friday morning after being hit by two cars in Ibaraki. Yutaka Uchida, 39, was hit by two cars while he was crossing a street in Ami, Ibaraki Prefecture, around 1:30 a.m. He was taken to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said he was knocked by the first car into the path of a car coming from the opposite direction. Police have arrested the driver of the car which hit Uchida first, a 24-year-old woman, and are looking for the driver of the second car which did not stop.

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So many hit and runs ocur here - if you don't stop after hitting someone you have a pretty good chance of getting away with it because of the lack of CCTV cameras on Japanese roads and intersections.

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That second car was totally unnecessary.

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he was probably j walking drunk but she still gets arrested and the second driver would also be arrested even though there was no way to avoid the accident for both drivers. no wonder they don't stop

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was he crossing legally or illegally? sorry but i have no pity for jaywalkers. if he was jaywalking he put his own life at risk and suffered the consequences.

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So, that gives the second car the right to hit him, and drive away without stopping? Regardless of what is legal or illegal, it is your responsibility to stop to render the appropriate assistance.

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if he was jaywalking he put his own life at risk and suffered the consequences.

Personally I don't agree that the death penalty should be invoked for jaywalking. Condolences to his family and children, if any. A sad day for them.

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The second car should have stopped since he was probably already dead from the first car.

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maybe the street was badly lit and they could not see him?

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To : dennisbauer What are you smoking ?

Have you walked the streets lately in Utsunomiya or Saitama ?

I teach at a Public School. I seen children get hit or nearly get hit on a narrow road right in front of the school entrance.

People do not care. Even if they are near a school walking zone.

I seen it myself. PEOPLE DO NOT SLOW DOWN in front of the school I work at. They SPEEDO so wrecklessly in the morning. That ALL the 38 teachers have to stand oput side and be an traffic cop ( police )

People drive at high speed when there are 8 inches of water. I seen a woman that almost plowed into a wall of children because she is either late to work. Or is a freakin maniac.

People do not care. SOME DRIVERS Not all DRIVERS SOME.

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The problem with these types of accidents its not about who is wrong or who is at fault, its who/whatever is the biggest, ie the car(s) are wrong, automatically.

While I dont condone fleeing an accident, its clearly wrong, it is also wrong when drivers have to do time/pay fine when its clearly not their fault. And the system does NOT take into account responsibility, just looks at whichever is bigger/largest.

So its like this, stay behind, go to jail even though its not yr fault, or dont stop & you have a shot at not being screwed.

Now dont get me wrong, as i said to flee an accident is wrong, but the SYSTEM here is also completly wrong, people flee accidents because they know the SYSTEM will screw them even if they have done nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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To memyselfl: I agree wholeheartedly with what you said, and in a scary combination, people also rarely look when crossing the road! It happens everyday with me on my bike. PS. I hope you don't teach your students to say what you said 3 times in your post: "I seen...I seen... I seen." Just so you know, it's I've seen... can't believe I have't to tell an English teacher this

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good point GW, as the law states, each party is at 50% fault, no matter what. What a load of bull...

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