Man dies in hit and run in Kochi; driver turns himself in


Police arrested a 36-year-old man on Thursday on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident which left a 33-year-old man dead. Kazuya Takahashi, a 33-year-old farmer, was riding his bicycle on a road in Tosa City when he was hit by a car and thrown into a ditch at around 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Shigeyuki Manase, a company employee, showed up at a police station with his father on Thursday morning. Police quoted him as saying: “I had an accident but I don’t remember if I hit someone.”

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It is good that the man came forward, but I kind of think he DOES remember if he hit someone. He is hoping for a light sentence, which he will probably get...

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Not clearly stated but think it's pretty obvious that he was likely drunk at the time of the accident. His strategy was likely to turn himself in well after it's possible to prove he had been drinking and driving. What a punk.

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“I had an accident but I don’t remember if I hit someone.”

geez, they always claim this sort of rubbish where they do not directly take responsibility for their actions. If he had of stopped and called an ambulance, put the guy in the recovery position, he may be alive today. If the autopsy shows that it was not an instant death and that the guy could have survived, upgrade the charge to murder and sentence him to hang. Send a powerful message to hit and run drivers.

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He doesn't remember it! Who is he kidding? If he was in shock that would be more explanatory to justice. Lock him up, no excuse. With such story that he made up will he walk? Did he went to see a fat lawyer before he went to police station

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Japanese Officer: You remember being in an accident, correct?

Kazuya: Yes, officer.

JO: And you remember fleeing the scene?

Kazuya: ahem, yes, sir.

JO: But you don't remember hitting someone?

Kazuya: (eyes lowered) no sir.

JO: Well then, why did you run?

Kazuya: I... uhh.... the 20 yen off deal on Karagi-kun chicken expired a few minutes later... (gulp)?

JO: I love that stuff... yeah, I can see it. Barring any unforseen judges, I can see a suspended sentence. Congratulations! Oh, and drive careful!

Kazuya: Really?! You believe me -- errr.... thank you officer... I just feel so terrible.... I don't remember hitting that guy on a bike...

JO: Wait a minute!

Kazuya: (turns white) Uh... uh... yes?

JO: How did you know he was on a bike?

Kazuya: Oh god... officer.... okay, let me come clean...

JO: I think I know what this is about... you're a PSYCHIC!

Okay, so perhaps my little drama undermines police efforts in this country, and makes the excuses these guys always give look pretty amateur and common place. Silly me.

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When they introduce 'moral education' into high schools does that mean the hit-and-run epidemic will cease when people start taking responsibility for their socially immoral actions? That means, there should only be another 40 years or so of immoral behavior within the society, doesn't it? Except in Saitama, of course.

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