Man dragged 50 meters by car after argument with driver


Police said Monday they have arrested a 24-year-old man after he dragged a 51-year-old man 50 meters with his car, causing him to sustain a broken right leg and other injuries, before colliding with two other vehicles and fleeing the scene.

According to police, the driver, who has been named as Ryo Tsukise, was driving his Mercedes Benz through Hachioji in suburban Tokyo, at around 2 a.m. Saturday when he stopped his car at a traffic signal, NTV reported. While stopped, police say Tsukise became embroiled in an argument with the 51-year-old. He then allegedly accelerated rapidly from the location while the man was holding his door, causing the man to be dragged along the road.

Tsukise's car then collided with a station wagon and a taxi, which caused the taxi driver to sustain minor injuries, NTV reported. He was later identified by his vehicle's license plate and arrested on a charge of attempted murder. During police questioning, Tsukise was quoted as saying that he has no memory of what happened. Police did not say if he was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

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Seems like "Road Rage"...

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Right in the middle of Hachioji's Matsuri. Gee, I wonder if he had been drinking. Even the"theme song" for the matsuri has one line that says "ipainonde...moipon".

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Too bad it's the victim's taxes that will be used to feed these bastards in prison (detention facility).

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CrazyJoe/ Not really! Prisoners here inJaoan have to do hard manual labor and they earn some money in prison. That is for their personal use (soap, toilet paper, etc). At the end of their term they get a tax receip and they also get a bill of how they owe for their stay at prison. They all have to pay. Nothing is free here. It's not the US. Also, ALL prison use their own prisoners to grow amd make their own meals. the only thing that the government does provide is medical insurance....but it's not like our med ins. It's for colds and stuff...not really for cancer or other mayor illnesses. To bad for this guy though, he won't get to enjoy his nice car for ever. His license is now permanently void and he will never get another chance to drive again here in Japan. Not to mention the damage bill and the med costs his rage run up. Attempted murder is actually a six year minimum, with the dragging, hitting other cars and still failure to stop and provide assistance, HE will probably be sentenced for about 8 to 10 years. He will do 6 though an the rest on parole. That's a lengthy sentence....

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Why was the elder person trying to open the guys door? not very smart if you ask me.

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Why do people instantly blame the one who did the damage? The older guy was trying to get into his car apparently. The younger guy might have feared for his life and took off. We dont know why the argument started, and the older guy was not even driving.

The younger guy says the does not remember anything. That is a bit fishy but it still does not explain anything.

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What a weird occurrence... Why would someone just try to enter someones car and why would someone completely forget dragging a someone before crashing?

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Well first of all death row inmates are kept in solitary confinement in detention facilities (not a prison) like Tokyo Detention House. They do not work at all. And the rest of the criminals are kept in prisons like Yokohama Prison. Japanese prisons are for punishment and not for rehabilitation. The prisoners work and they do get paid, a very small amount (only about 4,000 YEN a month) about 25 YEN an hour. There are also many inmates who are very old and can't work at all including the sick.

Question 刑務所の受刑者の食事代は税金から出ているんですか? Answer 税金です。

As you can see the food and medical expenses are paid by taxes.

All the money (whatever the inmate has left) is given back when the inmate is released from prison.

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If understand Japanese just go here. 刑務所の食事 受刑者の食事は1日3食。 受刑者1人あたりの1日の食費は570円で、全て国から支給されています。

This site is run by lawyers.

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My English translation of my above post is this.

Inmates are given three meals per day.

It costs 570 YEN to feed a prisoner per day which is all paid by the government.

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Everyone on this country has no memory of what happened when they are in trouble!

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and so what would you do if some crazy old man was trying to open your car door to do who knows what to you? remember, you don't know if he has a knife or not. seems driving away is a reasonable option...although he should have driven directly to a police station to report it. can't say for sure without more facts and.

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CrazyJoe/Not really!

Well you're wrong. The government pays for all food for the inmates and I can prove it. Don't accuse people unless you have some data to state your point.

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So, what started the argument? Vague report!

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Japan is too safe.

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Charged with attempted murder? How did the police come to that conclusion so fast? Why not charge the injured guy with attempted suicide for not letting go of the door...

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The old man must have been caught on something to be dragged that far. This story needs more details but I find it hard to blame the guy for trying to get a away. I don't feel this was attempted murder.

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Ahhh... The ole' "I have no memory of what happened" defense. Where & when do the Japanese learn this BS?

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The oji was holding onto the car and was not dragged with intent. He was trying to break into the car and the young man was fleeing. There is more to this story, the police are lazy.

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Yuri, you are right on the money! The Hachioji police are lazy bastards! Lived in Hachioji for about 4 years, easier for them to hide in a koban, relax while taking money from the yakuza that run all the bars near Hachioji station, and only come out after a big incident and the mass media etc..pressure them to do some kind of work. I hope that young guy has a GOOD LAWYER!!

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