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Man drives car into police HQ in city in Nagasaki


A suspected gang member rammed his car into the front entrance of police headquarters in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, on Wednesday morning.

Police said the incident occurred at around 8 a.m. The suspect, identified as Koichi Hatano, 43, of no fixed address, drove a small car through the glass door of the entrance, TBS reported. Although there were about 10-15 people inside at the time, no one was injured, police said.

According to police, Hatano was arrested last November by police in Omura for causing a disturbance, but police said there had been no trouble from him since then.

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Thats how much he wants to go to jail.

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Since he have no fixed address , he needs shelter and food.

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spent many hours at the omura police office dealing with the absolute worst beaucracy ever in my life. Glad no one was hurt but couldn't happen to a worse police office.

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Hatano, 43, of no fixed address

Well, now he has a fixed address, a cot and three square meals every day. Enjoy loon!

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He should have been shot! He was clearly trying to kill police officers!

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