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Man forces his way into apartment; tries to assault 7-year-old girl


Police in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, are looking for a man who forced his way into an apartment and tried to assault a 7-year-old girl with a cutter knife on Friday afternoon.

According to police, the child had just returned home from school and as she opened the front door, a man came up behind her, shoved her into the apartment and threatened her with a knife, Kyodo News reported. The girl screamed and the man fled without harming her.

When the girl’s mother returned home at around 4:20 p.m., she found her child crying and called police.

The intruder was described as being about 30, of medium build and was dressed all in black.

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It is a very common thing in Japan but a seven year old kid should not be home alone. Glad she was not injured but she has suffered trauma that she may never get over.

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There are so many latch key kids in this country, and it is so sad for both parents and children. I was blessed to have a neighbor who I could drop my child off to in the morning and I was always home in the afternoons but if I was not again my child could go to the same neighbor and or with another friend.

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Disgusting paedophile. Throw away the key.

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Poor girl, now she has to deal with this for along time, I hope she gets the proper support to carry on, and I hope this creep is captured soon.

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I said in a previous post that a lot of crimes against children in the need especially girls are around 7 years old. I was downvoted for mentioning this phenomenon, but once again, we have another crime against a 7-year old girl.

What do the naysayers have to say now?

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in the need = in the news

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7 years old, 1st grade elementary school kids. I'm not sure if it's the same nationwide, but around where I live the 1st graders wear fluorescent yellow covers over their rucksacks to tell them apart from the other grades.

I'm sure their are some sick #@#@s who prey on vulnerable kids in their 1st year of elementary school so you're not wrong about the number 7.

It's a not exclusive to Japan though.

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Horrible, and there should be a nationwide law against leaving young children home alone.

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Did this actually happen....CCTV would determine.

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William_BlakeOct. 21  05:33 pm JST

LindsayToday 05:28 pm JST

It is a very common thing in Japan but a seven year old kid should not be home alone. Glad she was not injured but she has suffered trauma that she may never get over.

This is not common in any developed nation. This is horrific and a serious worry for any parent. 

A stranger forcing their way into your home to assault your children?! Damn.

Are you trying to be funny or do you seriously not understand that Lindsay is saying that the common thing in Japan is young children being home alone? Lindsay is NOT saying that the common thing in Japan is young children being assaulted by strangers.

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What a sick psyco. There are many horrible creatures around in the shape of a human. I hope poor girl can get over this horror, and he gets caught up soon to be kept in a cage forever.

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Hopefully this evil, piece of trash will be caught before he does the same thing again. It was a horrible thing to happen to such a little girl, and it is something she will never forget.......... I know, i have been there.

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What do the naysayers have to say now?

Crimes happen to people of all ages everyday.

We don't know if this guy targeted her for being a kid, or was waiting to get into that apartment, or is another person with serious mental issues about to snap on anyone.

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I’m entirely ok with people mistakenly thinking a guy who pulls a box cutter on a 7-year old girl is a pedophile even if he isn’t. Better to err on the side of caution. I will shed no tears. Lock him up.

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At 7 years old the girl should be capable of calling the police.

Maybe in the 1970s. These are different times in many unfortunate ways.

And one of those ways is people jumping at a sexual motive and being so very sure of it, while totally being unable to even conceive of robbery or murder as a motive. To do so says a lot about the speaker.

But I have to say, even an adult may find themselves unable to call police after such a traumatic incident. Its fight, flight, freeze or fawn, and if one's brain is set for "freeze" it takes quite a lot of training to alter that one. Even the others can preclude the logical step of calling the police.

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William_BlakeOct. 22  01:18 pm JST

It could be interpreted either way.

No, it couldn’t have, unless you completed disregard reading comprehension, logic and a genuine interpretation over just trying to make someone look bad.

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Every Parent's worse nightmare - particularly if, as is so common in Japan, you have a Daughter. I hope this Weird person is caught, before he actually harms someone seriously.

All Residential properties, should have CCTV covering all entrances and stairwells, and if not - why not ?

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