Man found beaten to death; police questioning eldest son


The body of a 77-year-old man who had sustained multiple injuries consistent with blunt force trauma was found in his Katsushika Ward home in Tokyo on Sunday, and police said Monday that they are currently questioning the man's eldest son, with whom he lived.

According to police, Hiro Namai's coworkers reported that he had not been to work for two days in a row. The police visited Namai's home where they found him lying face down in the kitchen. The man's face and head showed signs of physical assault.

The police investigation revealed that Namai had previously mentioned to coworkers that his 45-year-old son was prone to violent outbursts that made life difficult. According to a police spokesman, "It is highly likely that the victim's son has some information that will help our investigation."

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Will a week ever pass by without hearing of such cases?

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With 77 in the work force, ... amazing.

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Killing your relatives seems to be the "correct answer" to a lot of Japanese whether it's in real life or as a question in class.

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The son was prone to physical outbursts huh? Wonder where he learned it? Old men who beat their kids should learn to shut their mouths when the son out grows the father.

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I bet the son lives at the parent's home. His mother probably washes his clothes and cooks his dinner.

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I live a few blocks away from this place, I was so surprised when I heard the news. Beating your old man to death, just terrible and cold heart.

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Was the 45 year old son mentally handicapped?

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If this man treated his son the way mine treated me... Unfortionatly I could propably understand...

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