Man found dead in Yamagata home


Police in Shirokata, Yamagata Prefecture, said Monday they are investigating the murder of a 63-year-old man whose body was found in his house on Saturday night.

According to police, Shigeo Ninno was found lying on the floor with blood streaming from his head. TBS quoted police as saying that an autopsy showed Ninno had been struck on the head causing severe internal injuries.

Ninno lived with his 45-year-old ex-wife and his junior high school daughter. His body was found at around 7:45 his ex-wife who had been out all afternoon, police said.

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Either he slipped and hit his head or there's foul play a foot. Far too little information and far too early to tell. RIP Mr. Ninno, sad that he left a young child behind.

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Hmmm. ex wife finds his body after she'd been out all afternoon. The ex wife lived with him?

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Kind of a big age difference for Japanese couple it seems?

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Personally I would say check her bf, their is too big of an age difference. The daughter is junior high and will probably soon be leaving the home. Looking back she her life was grand when he could buy her anything she probably wanted but most of her friends who are her age are probably still unmarried and now she feels she has to take care of her parents who are probably his age and also take care of him!! Umm gone for most of the afternoon, blood streaming from his head this means someone probably took him by surprise. Let me see what do you think Sherlock Holmes???

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We need more information. It is possible that he fell and hit his head, it happened to my grandmother while she was home alone. Living with the ex was probably a financial decision. Big age difference too. Is the wife a gaijin? I see a lot of young gaijins married to older Japanese so they can stay in Japan. JT please update the information as it becomes available.

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