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Man found guilty of killing Japanese woman in Canada


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Nice on the Canadian justice system, and a relatively quick verdict as well - it's only been a year.

Poor girl probably thought she was leaving on the adventure of her life. What a sad end. I hope it doesn't scare too many others from overseas travel.

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I wondered when I'd see this. Glad to know they were successful with the murder charge, and that he'll get the maximum 25 years.

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That poor young woman, and how dreadful for her family, to have to live with this. I hope this man dies a slow death in prison.

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Knowing some small measure of the Nihonjin female mind having lived within touching distance with one, and a good one, for the last 25 years, for the "dream" of an innocent, trusting mind to turn so bad because of being targeted by a Human monster hurts me deeply. May she rest in peace.

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Justice has been served.

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I remember the original story for this. How terrible. I hope the sentence given out to this person fits the terrible nature of this crime.

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