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Man gets 18 years in prison for fatal highway road rage incident in 2017


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Good that he has been put away but, was the truck driver prosecuted? He should have been driving such that he could stop within his "seeing distance".

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44 when he gets out, still lots of life to live, after seeing to the death of two innocent people, the destruction of a family and the scarring of two children, and his sheer arrogance, I’d have expected the full asked 23, if not more. Have a horrible time, please, really, have a horrible time.

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Good! Guess I'll have a beer tonight to celebrate. Hate holes like him on the roads.

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But Ishibashi's defense team said the defendant cannot be convicted for the crime because there is no legal stipulation on accidents involving vehicles that are no longer moving.

Charge him with manslaughter if he doesn't want to be charged with reckless driving.

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It is a shame his sentence wasn't longer. Drivers are supposed to be professionals - hence the license.

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The focal point of the trial was whether the charge of dangerous driving, which is normally applied to actions taken while behind the wheel, could be brought against Ishibashi who was outside of his vehicle when the couple's car was struck.

….This truly beggars belief!! A highway is NOT A PARKING LOT!! This should take a nano second to recognize this was ISANELY DANGEROUS DRIVING!!!

The court noted, however that the case did not meet all criteria for dangerous driving because the incident occurred when the defendant's vehicle was not in motion.

Why on earth cant these courts recognize that CLEARLY a vehicle DOESNT have to be MOVING to be DANGEROUS DRIVING!!

I feel like we were lucky the  guy was convicted......

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This aggressive idiot Ishibashi had done similar things 2 or 3 other times apparently.

18 years of your adult life is a big chunk to miss but he completely deserves it.

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I agree that Ishibashi should have gotten more time. Even 23 years for causing the death of two innocent people is too kind.

Japan is a wise country in how it determines who should and should not have a gun. But it is loco in being lenient with bad drivers. If Ishibashi had taken a test for a car license that was a tough as that for a gun permit he would not have had his license. I suppose the carmakers’ lobby here is like the NRA in the U.S.

There is an overabundance of rotten drivers in Japan: from the creeps who absolutely will not stop for pedestrians to the stupid tailgaters on the highway. Ishibashi was only one of the worst of a very bad lot,

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I’ve seen many incidents of bad driving, tailgating and road rage when I had an idiot slam on his brakes after pulling in suddenly as a form of malicious attack on me.

Well, Ishibashi deserves every second of his time locked-up!

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It is a worthy sentence. However, it’s not going to do anything to stop the other rat bags on the roads using their cars as weapons and abusing other drivers. I’ve had it happen to me quite a few times. I had one idiot that wanted to fight me because I was doing the speed limit on a back street. When the road opened up he jumped on the gas, pulled around in front me and stopped in the middle of the road. He got out of his car and started screaming at me to get out of my car. I just picked up my phone and started filming him. He persisted for a few more minutes and got in his car and took off. I went to the cop shop and showed them the film of this idiot and his car, clearly showing his face and number plate and the cops just looked at me with a big “So what?” expression on their faces. Road rage is real in Japan. Many drivers use their cars as weapons and J-flops don’t give a fat rat’s! Be careful people!

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On reflection, I wonder if Ishibashi is suffering any guilt over his part in the deaths of a mother and a father. Over the next 18 years will he be remoseful or will he see himself as a hapless victim? Or will he simply shrug it off as something that cannot be helped?

I don’t know. I am only thankful Japan has strict gun control laws. Imagine if some of the less than wonderful drivers mentioned above packed guns in their cars.

Okay, here is another road rage story. We drive a foreign car. We drive it in accordance with the speed limit. This guy in his modest car tailgated us, blow his horn and when he was along side us shouted inappropriate words at us. We got the idea that he was jealous of us. This was a first time experience. Hoping it is the last.

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not enough,add manslaughter to it

he should never see the outside, in fact i rather they hang him

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Good. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The guy is an.......

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Ishibashi became enraged after being warned by Yoshihisa Hagiyama, 45, about the way he parked his car at an expressway parking area just before the incident.

I'd like to know more about this. In fact, I'd like to know what actually happened,

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People that cause other innocent people to die because of their bad behaviour all need to be put in Prison!

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Two people dead. Orphan children. All maliciously caused by this POS. Why not a life sentence, at minimum? Not nearly enough punishment.

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Ishibashi's defense team said the defendant could not be convicted for the crime because there is no legal stipulation on accidents involving vehicles that are no longer moving.

But the vehicle was moving on the highway and then stopped without reasonable distance between the two vehicles. And, who in the world stops their vehicle on highway unless they are in trouble, which apparently this guy was not? Weak defence.

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