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Man gets 2.5 years in prison for attack on airman on U.S. base in Japan


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2.5 ! Is that all !

At least a 5 year custodial sentence for that !

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Could just as easily have been a citizen, if he'd been drinking off base. They need to go.

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Could just as easily have been a citizen, if he'd been drinking off base.

If the citizen is an airman:

Gomez's attorney argued for a probationary sentence and said his behavior was triggered by seeing the group of airmen because he had recently seen another airman who was convicted of sending inappropriate images to one of his daughters.

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Guys like this also go full gorilla when a man approaches their daughters in any fashion irregardless of age or mutual affection. Its typical mammal behavior and a lot of humans can't rise above the worst of animal behavior.

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I don't think drinking is your problem. I think anger is," he noted.*

Judge,you're sorely wrong.Because of alcohol,he was inebriated to the extent that he did what he did,because his faculties were diminished through drink and he was angry.Otherwise his violent behaviour wouldn't have taken place.

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...and most of all, to my family," Gomez said. 

Really? Were they the ones that got a traumatic brain injury, bruised up and battered, had migraines and memory loss and lost their job as a result? He does not sound like he really understands how he screwed up the other guy's life and he got off easy. The son did too.

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We don't know the whole story. What lead to the actual confrontation? To be fair, being in the military doesn't automatically make some moral and righteous. The same goes for their family members. The military is a job! From my experience in Japan and abroad, there are some real jerks and scumbags in the military. Not all but some are!

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Anyone sufficiently trained knows to walk away from this type of situation.

I’ve trained in karate,judo and aikido but will always walk away from any type of conflict; unless I cannot.

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A real man would have walked away. A real man would not involve his child in a fight.

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Father and son should be responsible for supporting the injured guy and his family for the rest of their lives, they caused the injury they should face the full consequences of their actions.

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He should pay the airmans lost pay for the rest of his life as if the airman were able to retire as a chief (e-9 around $5,000 per month plus housing allowance) and VA should give full 100% disability (around $3,000 per month). Not his fault the airman can't work anymore.

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Not the airmans fault that the airman cant work anymore. Ambiguous pronoun...sorry

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With $1000 housing allowance, that would be total $108,000 per year for the rest of his life ( from VA and Gomez) to the airman.

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