Man gets 30 years for killing Japanese diplomat in Dominican Republic


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Bizarre! I never saw this in the Japanese media, and it's such a sensational story. This item is from AP, a US agency.

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Disgusting behaviour by a diplomat, or anyone for that matter.

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You pimped out your wife (that's true love), and then got mad about it? Now you have 30 years to think about who else she's sharing herself with.

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uh murder would be worse than anything the diplomat could have been accused of, wildwest

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uh murder would be worse than anything the diplomat could have been accused of, wildwest

Yes, but its one of those cases where if you play with fire, you can get burned.

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and you thought Dominican cigars were tightly wound!!! :-O

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Did the diplomat reneg on the deal, or was there no tit for tat?

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If Luis Antonio in Japan he will get 3 years suspended sentence for this act.

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I always wondered how Japan allocates its overseas aid.

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Why do men go after the other man if their wife cheats with them? Who knows, maybe he didn't know she was married.

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The Japanese media say his wife was also arrested as an accomplice.

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If the choice is between selling sex, and hardship for ones family. Many people choose to sell. I think it's horrible, but I can't judge unless I've seen my children crying from hunger. It's horrible for the diplomat to leverage his position to take advantage of the people he was supposedly there to help. But murder is never the answer...

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Google translation of article in Spanish:

... Baldelomar Tirina (A) Tony and [wife] or were married for 12 years, within which marriage fathered five children. ...

According to the file, or the victim and (wife) began a relationship with the consent of Baldelomar, for the benefits it received and your family.

But when her family moved away from him and confessed that she was in love with the Japanese, he was jealous and began to follow them, and placed the building where they lived. He added that the accused had made ​​a copy of the keys to the apartment and camping out [wife and diplomat], a situation which he used to enter the place and stabbing murder abroad.

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