Man gets 7 years in jail for kidnapping woman who was later found dead


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Very odd. Why is the word murder never used? How was it that she was kidnapped and somehow "found dead" later.

Seems both men in the case got off very lightly for kidnap, murder and the hiding of a body. They're adult men, do they somehow lack responsibility because it wasn't their plan? They could have walked away from this awful crime any time they liked.

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These are sickening, lighthearted sentences for cold-blooded MURDER!

Slap me sideways! People get harsher sentences for smoking pot. Wake up, Japan! One of your finest died a terrible, lonely death at the hands of these animals. WAKE UUUP!

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In other words, the main guy died so the police had no one to grass/narc on their associates during a month long “interrogation”. Without a confession the Japanese police have nothing.

Another disgraceful episode for Japanese “justice”.

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Without a confession the Japanese police have nothing.

But don't the Japanese police usually force people to make fake confessions?

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Japanese law is utterly ridiculous! He got seven years for the kidnapping and nothing for her murder. They are all guilty. I guess ‘guilt by assiciation’ is not a part of Japanese law.

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I guess ‘guilt by assiciation’ is not a part of Japanese law.

It’s not part of a healthy legal system.

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IF 10 years is max in this case then 10 years is what these people should be getting. What on earth are these judges thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? These men ALL participated in a killing if an innocent human life and then they ALL participated in hiding their crime.

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Why is the word murder never used? 

Or the word assassination ? or the word gang ?

"randomly targeted a woman 

You don't target randomly when your goal is to extort money.

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Both of these "men" deserve to dance at the end of a rope!

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