Man gets away with ¥1 mil in convenience store robbery


A man robbed a convenience store of about one million yen in Akishima, Tokyo, on Monday, police said.

The robbery occurred at around 1:45 a.m. at a Ministop store. According to police, the man came into the store and pretended to be a customer, Sankei Shimbun reported. He then approached the counter and punched the 27-year-old male part-time employee in the face and kicked him, rendering him unconscious.

When the employee came to, he discovered that the office safe had been forced open and about one million yen taken.

There were no other customers or employees in the store at the time. Police said the employee’s injuries will take about 2-3 weeks to heal.

The robber is described as being about 170 cos tall, and was wearing a hood, white long-sleeved sweater and black pants. He wore black cap and glasses.

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Hope the Mini-Stop is not using the same brand of "safe" at other locations... else they are likely to see an uptick in late night business.

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Why use violence? My local is staffed by over 60s, but if I see this...

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As with every robbery like this, I ask: why does a convenience store (barbershop, restaurant, etc.) have approximately $10,000.00 in cash on site?

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Well, let's convert it back to yen :) Don't know what dollars have got to do with anything. A million yen is not that much for a convenience store to take during a day's business, quite apart from cash they'd have to keep on premises for change.

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Some stores don’t deposit cash on a daily basis. Thats a lot of cash in todays card driven economy.

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Thats a lot of cash in todays card driven economy.

Japan is a card driven economy?

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That is why you never have only one staff member doing the graveyard shift alone.

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He may have gloated over grabbing big money. Let's see how long it would last. Now it's the police's turn to grab the bad guy. Hope they catch him soon.

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