Man gets away with Y470,000 in FamilyMart robbery


A man robbed a FamilyMart convenience store in Tokyo's Minato Ward early Saturday morning, getting away with 470,000 yen.

According to police, the man entered the store at around 3 a.m. Fuji TV reported that he threatened the clerk with a knife and demanded he open the register. He then fled with 470,000 yen.

Neither the clerk and one customer who was in the store at the time suffered any injuries, police said.

The man was described as being in his 20s, about 170 cms tall and was wearing a white face mask.

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And, the cops will find him at a maid cafe in Akihabara today.

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Another face mask robber. Am I the only one who hates those things?

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not the first article i've seen about a thief getting away with an absurd amount of money. no business should have that much money being stored outside of a safe. there is no reason for it. a business can be targeted by criminals if it's known they don't use safes or if their employees are lax with the company policy on depositing money into a safe when there is too much in the register.

all businesses, small or large should have a drop safe for depositing money, leaving just enough in the register to make change for large bills. employees can't open them, and they can't be moved. if drop safes are commonplace, they are in themselves a theft-deterrent.

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Most probably another victim of Abenomics...

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Why so much cash on hand at that time in the a.m. ?

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