Man given 5-year term for shooting ex-agriculture minister over money trouble


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In the interest of their friendship and old boyism, the retired politician must pay back the money to his friend even if without interest.

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Five years for intentionally shooting another human in a country with strict firearms control laws seems extremely light. You have to love the Japanese “justice” system.

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A revolver!???

I thought Japan has NON!?

So, Is he going to pay back the money or what!? Problem not solved yet!

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You’d think 10 million yen would be small beer for someone like Tamazawa and wonder why it doesn’t seem to have entered his head to sit down with his old classmate and hammer out a cash settlement compromise. Talk about ganko oyaji!

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A revolver!??? I thought Japan has NON!?

That was the thing that surprised me the most when I saw the original story a couple of months back. He borrowed a revolver from a friend - so many questions! In a country where civilian ownership of handguns is limited to basically only Olympic level shooters, and even then they have to be stored at a police station, what kind of friend happens to have a revolver? And, as it was almost certainly an illegally owned revolver, why would you casually loan it to a friend? Then there's the whole issue of of the 10 million yen.

So many questions.

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It's fairly standard in Japan for a Y member to ask someone straight but slightly blackmail-compromised, to hide a gun and ammo for them. When the laws are seriously harsh, some go to ingenious extremes to evade them. Only he knows who he has lent the gun to for safe keeping (and for use if and when necessary), and the cops will never find it.

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What surprises me more, is that no mention is made in the reported sentencing of any penalty for breaking the swords and firearms possession control law.

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Found the Japanese Firearms-Control Legislation

Any person who illegally possesses a gun is subject to a punishment of penal servitude for one year or more, but not to exceed ten years.

This men is getting 5 years. Due his age, he'll probably die in prison.

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