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Man held for abandoning body of woman he met on suicide site


Police in Yamanashi Prefecture said Friday that a 41-year-old man arrested on a charge of abandoning the body of a woman in her 20s in a forest, met the woman through a suicide website.

According to people familiar with this case, the woman, who lived in Fukui Prefecture, had implied having a death wish to her family and friends and it is most likely that she met the suspect, Akinori Yoneda, through a website where people with suicidal thoughts gather and communicate with each other, Fuji TV quoted police as saying.

The body of the woman, who is believed to have committed suicide, was found on March 30 by a "suicide patrol" in Aokigahara forest, near Mount Fuji. It is a well-known suicide destination, referred to by locals as “jukai” which means “sea of trees.” The media call it the "Suicide Forest.”

Yoneda, a resident of Tokyo, was also suicidal and was prescribed a tranquilizer by a doctor at a hospital.

Police identified Yoneda as a suspect from the woman's contact list, but he has denied the charge of abandonment of a corpse.

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If that's all the evidence, then this guy should walk.

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Unless they guy confesses to not carrying her dead body to the police station, they shouldn't hold him.

This may be a case where the cops feel the need to do SOMETHING just to feel important.

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I just feel sorry for the girl, why these sort of websites are not monitored by the establishment is beyond me, this sort of tragic death could so easily be avoided.

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Japan has always had a, shall we say, different attitudes towards suicide.

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The body of the woman, who is believed to have committed suicide, was found on March 30 by a “suicide patrol” in Aokigahara forest, near Mount Fuji. It is a well-known suicide destination, referred to by locals as “jukai” which means “sea of trees.” The media call it the “Suicide Forest.”

What the heck! This paragraph is disturbing in so many ways! A 'suicide patrol' in a 'suicide forest'? Seriously???

-4 ( +1 / -5 )


Why "disturbing"? The forest is a well-known spot for suicides, just like the cliffs at Beachy Head in England. There are "suicide patrols" there too. They're a good thing.

It's not as if you can cut the entire forest down, or raze a cliff.

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A 'suicide patrol' in a 'suicide forest'? Seriously???

It's pretty well known: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aokigahara

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There are even guys who patrol the road in front of the forest who try to dissuade people who get off the bus and head into the forest.

You wouldn't catch me in there. No sir.

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Now here's a good use for drones, patrolling areas like this for people about to commit suicide. Possible arm them with little darts full of prozac.

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Website where people, with suicide thoughts communicate with each other should be banned in Japan and entry of all human beings in Suicide Forest near Mount Fuji should not be allowed as evil spirits generally live in such isolated places and whosoever come under the spell of such spirits , they induce him to commit suicide or killing .

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Aokigahara is also one of the most beautiful forests on Earth, in my opinion. But the last I looked, somewhere around 100 people a year go there to die. It was one of my favorite places to visit when i lived in Japan. But if one explores the forest, there's always a chance of coming across a body or a campsite with someone's last possessions. I do believe in ghosts and spirits, but I can't say I ever felt any there. I think it may be that people want to die in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. There are many beautiful places in Japan, but Aokigahara is easily accessible. Given its long history of suicides, I suspect that people have come to feel that it's the right place for it. Plus, I noticed that people don't like talking about the forest. No movies, no books that I know of, discussion of Aokigahara is extremely reluctant.

Yes, about twice a year or so, the authorities search the forest for bodies. There are signs to caution people to not commit suicide and people who try to watch out for those who seem likely to do that. And every year there are abandoned vehicles and abandoned campsites and bodies that are never found. This poor guy is just a scapegoat.

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If anything, it sounds like this unfortunate man needs counselling for his own problems not blame for something the woman most likely did on her on.

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Bonestructure Aokigahara is a beautiful place but peaceful mined people who are depressed and going there to commit suicide are not on their right mind and committing such act could be a result of some evil entity. Depressed people think life and everything around them is ugly so they dont know what is beautiful but they just happen to know the suicidal hot spot me thinks.

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