Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit


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OK. He's been caught. Will they allow the statue now?

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If only all Japan's criminals were this stupid there'd be no need for a police force. Faxing an arson threat from a combini, how dumb can you get. Let's hope they throw the book at him.

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We all hope the book will be be thrown at him but I won't hold my breath.

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Jesus H. Christ - get over the obsession with faxing, PLEASE JAPAN!

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fax? is this from 2019 or 1990?

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LoL, what a loser! The 1990s called idiot, they want their high tech technology back !

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Thank goodness for those security cameras, proof at the police's fingertips

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What a loser. Probably some brainwashed netouyo who was taught the Japanese version of history.

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In this exhibition, though Japanese medias did not report, they included a picture Koreans burning and footing a photo of Emperor Showa. Only Sankei Shinbun reportedly referred to it but the picture was not released in any media.

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Glad they caught him, but I'm curious what the charge and punishment will be, given sentiment. I also wonder how doubly embarrassed the man must be having been caught using a FAX machine in 2019!

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Shame on the museum for caving in to political correct. This kind of exhibit is not art at all. It has no place in a museum. The act is itself is spoils of war. That's the way it goes in the real world.

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Good, at least Japan cracks down on hate crimes unlike other countries that actively encourage it towards all things Japan.

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Wow, a very rare follow up on something & appears they have possibly caught the culprit …...more of this please!

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And ?

That is perfectly on the subject of the exhibition.

After, do you really need people to explain who emperor Showa was and why some people could have a grudge against him ?

He was born as Hirohito. His reign started in 1926 and finished in 1989. If he seems to have been a good emperor in the second half of his reign, the first half could be seen as showing some flaw or something like that.

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Did he spell his threatening note with little letters he scissored out of magazines and newspapers and painstakingly glued together all night at his kitchen table?

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A guy threatens to burn down a museum and everyone is fixated on the fact he used a fax machine. The dude was 59. He knows how to send a fax. That should be the least of anyone's concerns...

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This guy carried out a crime and good that he was caught. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But the stupid comfort woman statue as well as the Emperor Showa burning piece are both political statements disguised as "art".

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Such a shame though that Japan isn't developed enough to show freedom of expression, or have a media that reports upon issues like the statue widely or objectively.

One day, Japan will join the rest of developed world, but perhaps, not today.

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It occurred to me that I haven't had a fax for over a decade.

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The exhibit titled "After 'Freedom of Expression?'"

Surprisingly, this kind of exhibit will show stuff linked with politics.

The exhibit, “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’” was intended to showcase artwork that had been excluded from museums in Japan or elsewhere.

There is a lot of art which is politic, if you think that should not be allowed just close every single museum in the world and banish art.

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