Man held for beating girlfriend's 4-year-old son


Police on Wednesday arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly beating the 4-year-old son of his girlfriend at their apartment in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Yoshiyuki Ishibashi, beat the child repeatedly between late May and early June, TBS reported. Police said the boy was hospitalized for about two weeks. Hospital officials notified police of the child's injuries.

Ishibashi was quoted by police as saying the "child didn't take to me and I was trying to discipline him."

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He's a manly man.

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It seems everytime I read a similar story the "boyfriend" uses the excuse of the child not taking to him and it was just discipline. Well if you hit me I wouldn't like you either you butt nugget. I have a 5 year old and I can't imagine what she could possibly do to justify me hitting her.

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If the guy can't deal with his girlfriend having a son from a previous relationship, then why get involved with her at all?!?! Just tell her "I don't want kids" and LEAVE..BREAK UP...find someone without kids. Beating the kid is not going to solve ANYTHING, and obviouls would make things a lot worse...what an idiot and a cowardly bully!

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You don't hit people. It's very easy. I know in the old world, people used to think it was a good idea to "discipline" kids by hitting them but I think we can all agree that is not the way to go.

And what's with the easy target? A 4-year old? Come on.

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Held for beating a four year old? I'd like to hold him while the four year old beats him around the head with a baseball bat!

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A country with a civilized legal system would prosecute the mother for child endangerment.

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This is another story that so awfully familiar. Why do women put up with such creeps? He should have been out of the door the moment he did that the first time.

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A country with a civilized legal system would prosecute the mother for child endangerment.

What? This isn't about the mother, it's about the coward who beat the little boy.

Hope he falls down the stairs and accidentally gets kicked by a bunch of coppers and yakuza on a binge. Hate people like this.

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Both, the MOTHER, and her looser BOYFRIEND, adults should be ARRESTED!! Poor little boy out in Edogawa!

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Hold on people, we don`t know that the mother was even aware of it until the kid was taken to the hospital. All too often creeps like this scare the kids into keeping the abuse secret. As for the guy, get a rope and string him up.

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This was only going on for a week or two, based on the report. The mother may not have been aware of the problem. For those giving mitoguitarman the thumbs-down, he was being sarcastic just like I'm about to. It takes a REAL MAN to beat up a four year old... and that REAL MAN deserves a REAL SENTENCE. I suggest one year for every year of age difference between him and his victim.

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