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Man held for vandalizing flower beds in Saitama


Police in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, on Sunday arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of vandalizing flower beds outside a shopping area early in the morning on April 20. According to police, the suspect, identified as Shin Miyamoto, decimated about 200 pansies and other flowers. Police identified him through surveillance camera footage. Miyamoto has admitted to the charge, but told police he was drunk from a night out with friends.

Japan has been hit by a rash of similar cases this month, with someone tearing to pieces more than 2,000 tulips on separate occasions in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, as well as Misato in Saitama. Police said Miyamoto is not a suspect in those cases.

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So the official charge will be "deflowering 200 pansies" ? It's nice to see the police are taking up the real challenging cases!

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Hahaha NuckinFuts

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I was just wondering, whilst watching this story on the news, whether this society in Japan could do with a little bit of rebelling against society and petty vandalism ? You know, kids are brainwashed here about vandalism and antisocial behaviour being seriously frowned upon, and maybe that's why a lot of kids are cracking up. You know, like a steam pressure effect. The 'robot training' has a serious effect on people who need to let off steam with so much stress around. Back home (in the UK) we have a lot of people smashing things up, but it's kind of healthy don't you think ? Surely better than taking it out on fellow people.

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Kudos to J-cops, I have always praised their efforts for solving petty crimes.

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hey he admitted he's drunk, he'll get off with a warning.

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If this is what they consider "news" in Japan I need to move there immediatly.

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Is this the guy in the suit and tie who was hacking at the flowers with his umbrella? Perhaps local residents should be invited to trash Miyamoto's flat, allowing them to let off steam?

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Perhaps local residents should be invited to trash Miyamoto's flat, allowing them to let off steam?

ha ha ha... especially the ones who planted and grew those tulips will unhesitatingly participate on that.

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