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Man held over death of woman whose body found in Odawara parking lot


Kanagawa prefectural police said Sunday they have arrested a man over the death of a woman whose body was found in a car in a parking lot in Odawara last Wednesday.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Mitsuo Kitamura, 51, has admitted to fatally stabbing Izumi Takano, 51, a massage instructor from Shizuoka Prefecture, and abandoning her body, TBS reported.

Takano's decomposing body was found covered by a sheet in the front seat of the car which was registered to Kitamura, police said.

Kitamura was quoted by police as saying he killed Takano in mid-May and put her body in the car which he moved from one parking lot to another, TBS reported.

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In this heat? I pity the officers that had to move the body from the vehicle. I submit that there is something mentally wrong with anyone that drives around for months with a dead body in their car.

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Glad someone was arrested.

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Very important news JT, you're doing a great job as usual!

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Yabrau, you submit there is something mentally wrong with someone who drives around for months with a dead body in their car? Is someone not mentally wrong to stab someone to death and leave them in the car to begin with?

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Not to smart on the killers part using HIS car!! but if you are going to do the crime you deserve to do the time!!!

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End of a freaky love story...RIP old lady

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Not a happy ending for masseuse

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They never post the motive and I'd like to know why? why did he do it?... I know it must be a very weird, ridiculous and unbelievable motive, the one this man had, but that would make the article more complete, in my humble opinion.

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