Man held over murder of Japanese couple in Bali


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"All for a little money...I just don't understand."

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Can't argue the death penalty.

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Looks pretty suspicious – just look at the way he's dressed.

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I hate to say this, but if the foster son had anything to gain (inheritance, life insurance payout, business venture with parents) from their deaths he should be thourghly investigated. If grisly murders are rare on the island as the report states, why did this person tie up and murder both of them and then go to all the trouble afterwards to burn their bodies. Absolutely makes no sense to me unless the real reason for the break in was to murder the couple. Why would he even go there while the couple was there if theft was his motive?

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Why would he even go there while the couple was there if theft was his motive?

Because if they kept most of their valuables in a safe then being able to force them to open said safe is going to be much more profitable. Guy probably wasn't the sharpest bulb in the box, so I don't think he is able to crack them open himself.

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