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Man holding handgun found dead on gate-ball lawn in Chiba


The body of a man was discovered Monday on a gate-ball (a game similar to croquet) lawn in the city of Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.

At 7:05 a.m., police received a phone call saying that a man believed to be in his 50s had been found lying face-up on the ground near a storage shed at the gate-ball field.

In an even more dramatic twist, the man was holding a handgun in his right hand.

Police said the man was dead on the scene, having suffered a gunshot to the right side of his head.

Urayasu City Police say that they are working to identify the man and that, with no competing evidence found thus far, the man likely committed suicide.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News

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This is sad.

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Either Yak whack to look like suicide or an antique WW2 issue. I put my money on Yak, since ammo is so hard to get for the average Taro

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Rest in Peace, poor old man.

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As an American the first thing I think is this is the loser of a running gun battle.

P.S. Fifty is NOT old.

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Apparently suicide among professions is predicted by access to means of committing suicide with high rates among dentists, doctors and vets (who have access to drugs) and farmers (who have access to shotguns). I presume that it is high among mafia also, partly for the same reason. I will be 50 soon.

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This was a handgun. They found a 65-yr-old man dead in a park in Tokyo last month with a bullet wound to the forehead. Two and two, possibly?

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