Man in Aichi arrested over deaths of wife, 2 children


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oh dear! so many people at breaking point! pity the three deceased, and the family who now have to bear the brunt....

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Wow! Another family mass-murder. This happens way too often in ‘safety’ Japan. You are safe on the streets but not at home.

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Its unbelievable to read such a crime article. I hope someone in jail switch off the light to him forever and soon.

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Okay, got a suggestion for all you murder/suicide jackasses.

Do the suicide part first.

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Terribly tragic that it took 3 lives lost to find out that this criminal should be removed from society.

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I honestly hope he gets the long drop. It doesn't matter the mental condition of the perpetrator, a crime against a child is unforgivable. Ladies out there, choose your husbands wisely!

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This is just so sad.

Those poor children.

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LindsayToday  05:51 pm JST

Wow! Another family mass-murder. This happens way too often in ‘safety’ Japan. You are safe on the streets but not at home.

Yes and no.

The s.treets of japan are negligible. Most if not all japanese females I know are afraid to walk on the streets alone, especially at night. ( I know that shatters the japan-is-safe mantra; tired as it is, but it is in fact what I OFTEN hear ) .

Regarding the ever present problem of domestic violence in japan, yeah, that is a widespread issue the japanese try to avoid. It is a massive problem in japan and unfortunately people die.

That's what happens when a society tries to present itself as utopian-like; the reality is harsh for the victims.

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. . . the possibility of such violent occurrences, needs to be understood and prevented before they can occur . . . .

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More than likely this was about finances!

The suspect admitted that he killed Tomoko in a fit of rage after an argument, according to the investigators.

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"Tanaka had cuts on his neck and arms and said that he had hurt himself, the investigators said."

Another family murder in Japan. Sigh. I wish these people, if the absolutely MUST do something like this, start by killing themselves and leaving their supposed loved ones alone.

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And we just had an article questioning why there has been a drop in marriage and birth rates in this country. Gee......when you read stories like these consistently in the news here, who would want to get married and risk having your partner murder you and your children, all over an argument? May the three victims rest in peace...and may the murderer be haunted for the rest of his pitiful life.

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