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Man indicted for dismembering mother’s body, dumping parts in Chiba


Chiba prefectural police have indicted a 37-year-old unemployed man on charges of dismembering the body of his 75-year-old mother and then dumping the body parts in a coastal area of Chiba Prefecture.

Police detained Motohiro Yamada on Nov 16 for questioning after the victim was identified as his mother Yoko, with whom he lived, Fuji TV reported Saturday.  He was formally charged on Friday.

Police quoted Yamada as saying he had a heated argument with his mother on Sept 24 and shook her shoulders violently. He said he found her dead the next day and panicked.

Investigators said he has admitted using a saw to cut up his mother’s body between Sept 25 and Sept 27. The victim’s torso was found in the Kujukuri coastal area on Sept 29. Her head and legs were found a few days later. The last body part was found on Oct 8.

Yamada did not report his mother as missing but after a DNA test identified her, police detained him for questioning.

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Eeeeew! ! !

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"dismembering mother’s body, dumping parts in Chiba"

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?

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I would love to see data on crimes perpetrated by the unemployed vs. employed here, and in comparison to other countries. Maybe it's just b/c Kyodo hits you with unemployed in the lead each time.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

For some reason a persons employment status is almost always quoted when a person is apprehended by the Police-- I saw a report once of an "87 year old unemployed man" arrested. Only in Japan?

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What this "Criminal" did is do disgusting! Why is this Wonderful World producing such disgusting people?

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Whoah was like in the movie.

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Just when i thought I'm immune to Japanese family murders, this one shocks anew.

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