Man indicted over murder of woman in Saitama in September


Prosecutors in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, have indicted a 32-year-old man on a charge of killing a 27-year-old unemployed woman in September.

The suspect, Suguru Tomita, a self-proclaimed company employee who lives in Higashimurayama, Tokyo, was arrested in October, and denied killing Hidemi Miyazaki, Fuji TV reported. Since then, prosecutors say he has refused to answer any questions on the crime.

Miyazaki was found dead in her apartment just after noon on Sept 6 by a male acquaintance who visited her apartment after he was unable to contact her.

She was lying on a futon, fully clothed and there were no visible injuries inflicted on her body. The front door and balcony window were unlocked.

An autopsy revealed that she died from asphyxiation.

Miyazaki was last seen in a nearby convenience store at around 2 a.m. on Sept 3, police said.

Police said Tomita surfaced as a suspect after street surveillance camera footage showed him in a rental car parked outside Miyazaki’s apartment on the afternoon of Sept 3. Police said Miyazaki and Tomita met on social media.

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Hold on now!! The Victim Knew Her Attacker. - Sorry, but ALL 9 previous posters today have been intentionally led astray. There was NO mystery here, NO police detection through reviews of local SV camera footage. The present media story presented here today washes over the previously reported facts from 9/8/21:

From “Crime” Sep 8, 2021 4:43 pm: “Woman found dead in Kumagaya apartment”:

“Police said Miyazaki had previously consulted with them several times before her murder this month. However, police declined to give further details, saying it “concerns [her] privacy.”

The victim sought out police to protect her prior to the murder! Her previously consulted matter with police “concerns[ed] her privacy” read like another Japanese “cop out” from responsibility for not protecting her from someone she was in fear of.

Sadly, MORE could have been done to have prevent this crime and it should not be washed over by the media to protect the police!!

Let’s not dishonor the decedent by claiming to have ‘solving another case’ by reviewing footage.

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It doesn't matter, for anyone but Japanese news media, and, of course, the balding probably somewhat obese Whits guy running this new website.

He probably thinks he's Japanese after living in Japan for a while.

But that's one great way to find out whether or not the person is a complete quack. Bringing up someone's unemployment status if it ain't work related is reserved sad sacks of sh!ts like the author here.

I'm sure his mother, for as long as she lived, regretted not swallowing him when she had the chance.

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Gees! There is never any good news coming out of Saitama. Hopefully he gets a punishment befitting his crime.

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She must have rejected the man after realising they are not compatible. The man was persistent and killer her if I can't have you no one will .. is probably his principle. LOL. She must have confided in that friend who found her otherwise the guy would not have gone to the apartment to check on her.

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Difficult to say, I would assign 60-40 to that it was him anyway, because found near the scene, met on social media, using a rented car etc. But it’s also a bit strange , the victim being at a convenience store at 2am and he not fleeing the scene but still being there on same day’s afternoon. Could also be involved another person, a former relationship or someone wanting money late night and she called this internet acquaintance as a kind of bodyguard etc. We don’t have, as usual, enough information and can only speculate or assign some probabilities.

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Saitama seems dangerous

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Questionable but I am sure the police has more reasons to believe the he did it than this article shows. one Q? is the friend that contacted the police role??

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No finger prints or DNA evidence available?

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Not a lot of details to go on. Sitting in a rental car near the girls apartment isn't indictive of a crime per say. And the fact that the suspect hasn't cracked yet under the prosecutor's pressure may mean he's telling the truth. The only way prosecutors can convict him is with a confession if there is no other evidence.

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So an unemployed woman, was killed by a self proclaimed company employee? Was it an employment related crime or is this information completely irrelevant to the story? Is he the rental car killer...?

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