Man recently released from prison admits robbing at least 30 residences


Police in Tokyo said a 35-year-old man who was arrested on July 27 on suspicion of robbing a home has admitted to burglarizing at least 30 residences since he was released from prison on July 4.

According to police, Ryuta Ooka, of no fixed address, broke into a two-story house in Hachioji at around 5:30 p.m. on July 27, Kyodo News reported. Police said Ooka pried open a first-floor window with a screwdriver to get in. He then went upstairs and searched a room where he found 50,000 yen in cash and some other personal belongings. As he was leaving the room, he bumped into a 62-year-old woman who lives in the house. Ooka fled from the house but was picked up by police about 10 minutes later.

Police quoted Ooka as saying he robbed two house the same day in Yamanashi Prefecture before coming to Hachioji. Ooka also admitted he had broken into at least 30 houses and stolen money and other valuables since his release from a prison in Akita Prefecture on July 4.  

Police said that when Ooka was arrested, he had a rucksack containing 200,000 yen and 60,000 yen in his pockets, but he denied stealing the money.

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Japan's justice system is was one that focuses on punishment, it doesn't enable people released from prison to restore their place in society. One you go through it, you are marked and your life is irrevocable changed. This is meant to deter people from crime, but if you cannot get employment then many are left with few options if they want to feed themselves, forcing them to engage in illegal activity to eat and provide themselves with shelter. When he bumpred into the old lady he didnt hurt her, and he admitted to other crimes so there is something in this human deserving of redemption. Japan needs to improve their after prison release programs so that there is less recividism. Their but for the grace of God, go I.

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Alan HarrisonJuly 31  08:55 pm JST

Japan's re-offending rate is close 70%. That would suggest to me a flaw in the penal system.

Yes. They ain't locking them up long enough.

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Japan's re-offending rate is close 70%. That would suggest to me a flaw in the penal system.

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Wow. Averaging more than one house a day. Probably just wandered around all day until he saw a likely target without bars on the ground floor windows and no one in the vicinity to observe him. The old woman is lucky he didn't use the screwdriver to assault her.

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Let's hope they don't let him off the ooka this time.

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The 260000Y on him wasn't stolen. From his real job, no doubt. Find him the nastiest community service there is. Fuel recovery by hand at Fukushima daiichi comes to mind.

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Let him out with j-law coddling

so he can bring it to the wrong address. Then hopefully he'll be permanently satisfied

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¥260,000 is such a small take for 30 residents. He is such a bad thief and can’t even scope out good joints. They should have called an ambulance and taken him to a psychiatric hospital.

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If he wants to go to prison and maybe risk getting CoVid, he gets a free ticket now.

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Well he obviously learnt his lesson while being incarcerated, how’s that teach them a lesson going?

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Dude, slow down. You aren't Lupin. Is like he is addicted or something.

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