Man kills father, injures mother in knife attack


Police in Osaka have arrested an unemployed 23-year-0ld man on suspicion of killing his father and injuring his mother with a knife at their home on Sunday.

According to police, Kosuke Hara stabbed his father Shinsuke, 55, in the face with a kitchen knife at around 8:30 a.m. at their home in Hirano Ward, Fuji TV reported. He also stabbed his mother Utako, 54, in the chest.

Police said a woman called 119 at around 8:35 a.m. saying her grandson had attacked his parents.

Police rushed to the scene and found Hara and his wife unconscious from their stab wounds. Hara was pronounced dead at hospital, while his wife is in a serious but stable condition. The suspect's grandmother was unharmed.

The suspect fled on a bicycle before police arrived but was taken into custody about 30 minutes later 500 meters away from his residence. When questioned by police, he was quoted as saying, “I have nothing to say right now.”

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When questioned by police, he was quoted as saying, “I have nothing to say right now.”

Take all the time you like. Trust me, there’s no hurry.

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Give the guy a break. He had no other choice when his parents told him to stop playing video games and get a job.

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And another one... there seems to be one a day recently. I just load up the page wondering what variation on the theme today's version will be.

At least this one wasn't in Saitama.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Miss Oikawa, as regretful it is for me to say, it has been "one a day" for some years now. We do not read about each instance of the equation, but someday, somewhere, bloodrelated x murders y, and, if the worst comes, z.

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Does anybody know the statistics of family murders in this country? seems to be quite high

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Best to give your kids the boot when they are of age I guess, and get a security system installed. It' s a tragic symptom of the modern life.

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Family murders dominate the Japanese crime scene, if talking numbers. They exceed any other kind of "crime" by, at least, victim numbers annually. Being a native in Japan automatically makes you more susceptible to violence and crime than some kinda "gaijin" rolling in. It is a harsh reality which is not true for any other first-second world country.

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