Man kills son in failed murder-suicide bid


Police are investigating a failed murder-suicide in Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, that left a young boy dead and his father in hospital.

According to police, a 32-year-old man and his 4-year-old son were found lying unconscious in their home by the man's mother, who visited the residence at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, after she was unable to contact her son, Fuji TV reported.

The boy was taken to hospital in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest and was later pronounced dead. Doctors say the man's life is not in danger.

Police have not yet announced the cause of the boy's death, but they are treating the incident as a failed murder-suicide bid.

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Sad. As a father of a proud lad who just turned 5 too. I will keep my on this one... "but they are treating the incident as a failed murder-suicide bid." You mean 1st degree murder. Now he really is in living hell. I'll tell you man... the guv needs to get a grip on this trend.

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Murder! I don't believe in the death penalty, but in these cases I could possibly make an exception. Killing his offspring is the worst--imagining the poor tortured child.

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It's endemic: Parents take their children's lives daily, in Safety Japan.

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LOU-ZER!! Next time, give yr kid to someone who cares, then kill yourself!

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Oh for chist sakes...change the law already...give life imprisonment for these a-holes!!

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Another part of "Japan's unique culture".

One or two cases, would be terrible, but these type of deaths are commonplace here.

What is it with this society?

There's something that's driving people to do this in sheer volume, and it's not the "economy" or "no future" as is the usual excuse.

How can people live in poorer countries like Thailand and struggle in their lives, but live happily with their family.

People in Japan look for material possessions to make their lives happy, but not one another.

Very, very sad.

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If Japan had a joint custody system that allowed both parents and grandparents access to children after divorce I think less of this would happen. If Japanese courts required a parenting plan before divorce took place I think fewer parents would take their children's lives. Change can be a good thing. I hope the government take appropriate action soon.

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Japan is a $$$ country, but spiritually?? Such a poor, poor, sad, lonely, country! $$ will never buy true love, true happiness and it makes me sick to my stomach to hear this kind of horrible incidents almost every day! But this also makes me love my own family even MORE and show my love and mercy, compassion for everyone even MORE! NMRK!

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I have been seeing this daily. Makes me furious... Man if I was to witness some parent trying to commit this crime... God so help me.

The law needs to be changed... Instead of people rioting and protesting against China and the islands....or the American's and their ospreys....They should be protesting to the Government to change the laws on this. The Government has been giving the blind eye to this... So far most murders I have seen on the news are involving children and parents.... Give them first degree murder!

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apathy in life breeds apathy of life.

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I have a suggestion for these parents killing kids in "failed murder-suicide attempts". Try the suicide part first, then the tyke doesn't have to pay for your ineptitude.

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