Man, mother go on trial over murder of his wife


A 37-year-old man and his 64-year-old mother have gone on trial over the murder of the man’s 30-year-old wife last year. Takahito Yatani and his mother Emi are also charged with abandoning the body of Yatani’s wife Maiko by burying it in the garden of Emi’s home in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

In the opening session of the trial Wednesday at the Chiba District Court, Yatani, a bank employee, admitted to killing his wife. His mother denied conspiring to kill Maiko but admitted helping her son cover up the crime.

Prosecutors said that Yatani strangled his wife on March 4, 2018, at their home in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture. He then took her body to his mother's house where he and his mother buried the corpse in the garden.

Yatani reported his wife missing on March 6, claiming she got out of their car after an argument and never returned home. However, street surveillance camera footage did not corroborate this statement.

After his arrest, Yatani admitted killing his wife. In his statement, he said: “Our marriage was not going well and my resentment was building up and I strangled her to death.” He also told police where he had taken his wife’s body and it was found on July 18.

Maiko’s father told reporters after her body was found that he wished Yatani had been more patient toward his daughter.

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A raging mother-complexed creep and his mother / lover. Who knows what else they got up to in private ...

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Maiko’s father told reporters after her body was found that he wished Yatani had been more patient toward his daughter.

is that all he have to say to some who killed his daughter?

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I hope their baby girl is doing well, it’s terribly sad that she lost her mother but at least she’s not being raised by her mother’s killer.

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If all the unhappy husbands in Japan killed their wife's new prisons would have to be built to accommodate all the unhappy husbands. I guess a simple divorce never crossed his mind. I would rather be a MURDERER then a DIVORCEE he thought.  You have your UPS & DOWNS in a marriage you just have to accept them both. What a FOOL.

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Dole Jusino

What a fool? More like, “What a horrible person”

Murder is not described as foolish generally speaking.

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