Man arrested for allegedly firing air gun in road rage incident


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Approximately 80 minutes after the incident, police in neighboring Gifu Prefecture found a van stalled along the side of the Chuo Expressway after having run out of gas. When officers approached, Sato fled the scene on foot, leaving a female passenger behind in the van.

So the police had him within their grasp and he still got away. Sounds all too familiar...

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Quite refreshing that a road range incident with a gun does not result in anyone being hurt and yet it still makes the news.

I guess it's quite hard to seriously hurt someone with a BB gun.

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I guess it's quite hard to seriously hurt someone with a BB gun.

Hey! You can put someone's eye out with that thing!

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The police said the vehicle driven by the suspect was a stolen minivan.

Everyone is so caught up in "road rage fever", that they seem to be ignoring the bigger crime here, and the one for which he will probably be facing a more severe punishment.

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How much road rage can he possibly have since he stole some other guys van?

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A friend of the suspect said that he had been "heavily interested in airguns" since age twenty.

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This is another one of those stories that doesn’t seem to add up, and where we’re invited to speculate about the sequence and nature of events. We’re told the van was stolen back in at least July and that it’s been involved in similar incidents on multiple occasions on expressways. Given the number of cameras installed at entrances, exits and along the way, how come it’s taken this long to track him down? And how is an unemployed person able to afford the freeway tolls and gasoline for a vehicle he’s now been driving for at least 2 months? Then, we’re told that he attached and later detached a plate (singular), only to be later informed that “the number plates differed”.

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I remember a few years ago there was a loon wandering around the streets near my place walking his dog. He was carrying an air rifle under a coat on his arm and firing randomly at cars. He fired s couple pellets towards me from 50m away. I heard them bounce across the road in front of me. I yelled at him and he took off. I gave chase and found the rifle laying in the grass at a park around the corner. I smashed it for him and left it there. This loon was in his late 30’s or early 40’s. I’ve also seen some joker waving an air pistol at other cars while he was driving. I could tell it was an air pistol coz it had a red crown on the end of the barrel. It would seem there is no shortage of loons in safety Japan.

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I saw this jackass on the news. He was tailgating the car extremely close and honking his horn ceaselessly. The car in front wasn't going that slow and was passing other cars in the left lane.

Jackass-man couldn't wait so he slightly pulled back and pulled out his BB gun and started shooting the back of the car. The car that got shot up taped the incident. His car had a bunch of small dents and scratches all over the back. Really messed up.

Sometimes I wish Japan had a Highway Patrol like they do in California. Too many a holes on the kosoku. No one to keep them in check.

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Road rage, road rage, keeps repeating, I'm on edge.

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Those brainless guys who play virtual Play Station and driving a car in real time is kind of social problem to face insane behavior.

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He kept an air gun in a stolen car, he drew attention to himself by firing it, he ran out of gas then ran away, leaving his girlfriend.

Grade-A loser and moron.

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There was some sort of premeditation involved. Max time, permanent revocation of his license, no fake gun ownership a condition of parole.

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