Former bookkeeper of Dewi Sukarno's office arrested over embezzlement


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Real name Naoko Nemoto former bar hostess aka Dewi Sukarno, has a charity business that is often scrutinized by the National Tax Agency. Claims she shouldn't have to pay taxes as widow of former president of Indonesia :-)

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she was one of several women to marry the first president of Indonesia.

Real name Naoko Nemoto former bar hostess aka Dewi Sukarno

So both husband and widow have been around a lot.

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Read a Japan Times article of her interview way back in January of 2002. She was a busy teen, working at a life insurance company, attending night school, taking lessons in dance, tea ceremony and flower arrangement and working one night a week where her pay for the night equaled a month's salary from the life insurance company. (BTW, she was a minor when she worked as a hostess.) She is a woman who gives herself opportunities to advance and takes chances. The woman says "...everyone is given chances. Whether you have the intelligence to recognize a chance when it comes up, that’s another matter. Then you have to work hard to make the most of that opportunity to achieve success." Certainly a far cry from the first impression one forms when reading that she was a former bar hostess. I met a few girls who work as hostesses part-time. For some, the extra money is for clothes and accessories and for others, it's money needed to pay bills and then a few who say it's a way to meet guys and have boyfriends to pay for dinner and fun.

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