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Man arrested over liquid-spattering on kimono on Coming-of-Age Day


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Yoshinori Hirai san may need to check himself into a mental institution. Sick.

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Another head case who needs to be locked away from normal people. Having ruined countless young women's special days, he should be forced to compensate them massively. But chances are slim that this total loser has more than 2 coins to rub together.

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He's just jealous that he didn't get to wear one!

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Incel acting out.

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The age of adulthood in the country has been lowered to 18 from 20, but the traditional celebration was retained for 20-year-olds in the city.


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Last April the age was lowered to 18 but there are people still 19-20 so this year they were also included. In the future, the age will be 18.

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Am I the only one after reading the headline thinking the "liquid" was something other than ink?

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A creep off his leash. Those kimonos are ridiculously expensive. Hopefully, they can pin him for the other attacks too and make hime pay for the lot.

The age of adulthood in the country has been lowered to 18 from 20

No the age of adulthood was not lowered. The age of voting was lowered to 18 in an attempt by the LDP to get more votes believing that the youth will vote the same as their brainwashed parents.. They are not adults until they can be tried in an adult court and sent to an adult jail.

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Mr Kipling - Am I the only one after reading the headline thinking the "liquid" was something other than ink?

It usually is in these liquid-spattering-on-young-women-and-girls events in Japan. But, in this case it appears to be more out of malice than sexual perversion. The latter, as gross as it is, may actually have been preferred, as ink will ruin those very expensive kimono.

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Disillusioned - No the age of adulthood was not lowered. 

Au contraire. It most certainly was in April of last year. 18-year-olds can now enter into contracts, apply for credit cards and loans, lease an apartment, obtain a 10yr passport, marry, legally reassign gender, and so on, all without parental consent, which previously was not allowed until 20yo.

As for criminal prosecution, 18 and 19yo can now be tried as adults for robbery, rape, arson and other offenses punishable by imprisonment of at least one year, with the possibility of facing the death penalty for serious crimes. (It was previously only possible for murder.)

Smoking, drinking, and gambling is still restricted to 20yo and over.

FYI - The legal voting age was lowered to 18 back in 2016. Perhaps that is what you are confusing it with.

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Japan lowered the age of adulthood from 20 to 18 on April 1 by revising the Civil Code and changing the legal definition of an adult for the first time in over 140 years.

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What a dark and depressing animal if found guilty!!

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Probably has little money to his name, a loser in life. If found guilty should pay all the expenses for the damage he did to those expensive kimonos but probably couldn't afford to.

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