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Man questioned over torching 24 vending machines


Police in Inagi, Tokyo, are questioning an unemployed 26-year-old man on suspicion of setting fire to at least 24 vending machines in the area this year.

According to police, the suspect, Yuki Niita, was arrested at around 2 a.m. on Monday after a passerby contacted police to report a man was standing near a vending machine that was on fire.

TBS reported that police arrested Niita at the scene with 4,800 yen from the vending machine in his pocket. He was quoted as saying that since he quit his job, he needed money.

Police said they suspect Niita of being responsible for the other vending machine fires in the area.

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Unemployed? Guilty!!!! hahaha.

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SimondB, I've wondered the same thing. Wouldn't the suspect have burned his hands (finger tips) during the process? Or was it safe for him to wait 20-30 for the tin box to cool off b4 the police showed up??

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I've always wondered why the coffee was warmer in some machines than others.

But seriously, how on earth do you set light to what is at the end of the day a steel box?

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Probably he is Pachinko addict

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Does setting a vending machine on fire make it spit its money out?

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Always such a nice but surprising aspect of Japan how vending machines are left unmolested. Can you imagine them on the streets of any European or US city?

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I need money to after paying so many taxes as others do in Japan but that doesn't mean I will go to these measures. Why not take a temp job to make money and use a share-room/home; tough but not long term at least until he could have gotten back on his feet?

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