Man robs Gifu pachinko parlor of Y6.5 mil


A man wielding a knife robbed a pachinko parlor of 6.5 million yen in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

According to police, the man entered the pachinko parlor through a service entrance at around 12:50 a.m. after the parlor had closed, NTV reported. Police said he threatened three employees, including the manager, and told them not to move or he would kill them. He ordered the manager to tie up the other two.

The robber then took the manager to the office, forced him to open the safe, bound him and fled with the money.

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A pachinko parlor were pachinked. Who is the thief?

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer enterprise!

Pity about the threats of violence, but otherwise a job well done!

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Glad nobody was hurt. Wouldn't want to be that guy when the local Yakuza find him out.

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Why was there ¥6.5 million in a pachinko parlor? These places are not 'officially' gambling venues.

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Hmm! What do the Patrons insert into machines? Peanuts?

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Hmm! What do the Patrons insert into machines? Peanuts?

Yeah, I know. I'm not that stupid. But why ¥6.5 million stashed in the office?

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Sunday morning = banks being closed.

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In many cases, the cash cage of a pachinko parlor, (where people exchange prizes won in the game for cash) is robbed.

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This has to be a joke. Knife registration is the only solution! In the USA casinos the robber would never have made it to the door without three sumo size men saying hello. Japan already has a mandatory employment act for construction sites and school crossings. Hire some security, gamblers need to feel safe as they lose their money.

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My question is : Have they NO security guards at the two-bit casino?

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Man robs Gifu pachinko parlor of Y6.5 mil (strong arms a gift from Gifu) 6.5MY is around 65, 000 USD give or take the current exchange rate

Gifu is a large, landlocked prefecture in the center of Honshu. Takayama, , "west" lower side of the dragon, al town in the mountains, and Shirakawa-go, a collection of small villages even deeper in the mountains, looks nothing like Tokyo.

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This guy has certainly got balls.......

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I'll bet the Pachinko Manager was saying " Do you know who you're robbing "... the whole time.

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