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Man robs Gunma supermarket of Y1.9 mil


Police are searching for a man who stole 1.9 million yen from a supermarket in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, on Sunday night.

According to police, the man burst into the Avance supermarket at 10 p.m. and threatened the 55-year-old store woman employee who was closing up, at knifepoint. TBS quoted police as saying the man demanded cash from the registers and the office safe and fled with 1.9 million yen.

Police said the employee was unharmed.

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Humm, something does not seem right for only certain people would know when to get that amount of cash from that supermarket.

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Sounds like a half days takings. A smart thief will lie low for a few years. 67% chance of getting away with robbery, the more you do the greater the chance of getting caught. Knifepoint is a bit scary though.

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what's with all the robbery stories we've been reading about recently???

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what's with all the robbery stories we've been reading about recently???

The most likely answer is that the media is just reporting them more often. I'm willing to bet these robbery incidents have been occurring at the same frequency just that the media paying more attention to them.

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It is just up the road from my school. Our Deputy Head told the teachers to tell students to be careful walking home. As if the guy was still wandering about and had decided to try assult next. I'm sure he is somewhere counting all the money.

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A good topic starter for businesses and banks to discuss the introduction of an working eftpos-system (debit and credit) for small retailers too. Less cash, less risk on robberies (both store and personal)! Of course they can take advantage of being 20 years behind technology wise to take measure to prevent skimming at the same time.

Just one of the many things Japan's banks can improve ;)

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