Burglar stole Y18.5 mil worth of items during year to feed 120 cats


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While I don't condone theft and he should be punished, at the same time it was for a great cause.

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This man should have contacted a local animal protection organization. They would have been able to support rescue and response efforts in crisis and to help suffering pets. Animal protection organization take in unwanted, abused or stray or otherwise ownerless animals and nurses them back to full physical and emotional health caring for them in everyway. However most feral cats are put down after a certain period of time. People may consider this a sad situation but it's the reality of the cat problem.

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Cat Man

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That really is a cat burglar

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Japanese citizens may wish to consult the spay and neuter programs that prevent the over population of these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

At JKF Airport, in New York, the various storage and out buildings housed clans of near feral felines. A mobile humane effort by volunteers and veterinarians succeeded in safely reducing and eliminating these poor creatures' suffering in a humane and respectful effort spanning several years.

Demizu has the heart of a true compassionate and loving person but one wonders if that balances the harm and sadness he created for so many innocent people.

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Someone give that guy a good hard slap around the face, and another to be sure. This is just ridiculous. Burglary to feed cats? Some people need to be locked in a mental health institute for good. If it was for say, a child with Leukemia, then I could understand it (understand, not condone). But this is something I cannot even comprehend. It's just insane. What a complete and utter moron. I seriously hope he's convicted of his crimes and made to pay suitable compensation to the families he stole from. It's bad enough that he stole from these people, but burglary inflicts a great deal of psychological damage as well. I speak from experience, having been burgaled twice. It leaves the victim feeling vulnerable and paranoid, but worse than that, we feel violated. Knowing that some creep has been in our home, our sanctuary, where they could rummage through our personal belongings, it's just disgraceful, and traumatising. Shame on Demizu-yōgisha, I hope the police don't go easy on him at all.

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Let's hope his sentencing includes some kind of therapy.

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TNR. I hope he "fixed" the cats while also feeding, or all of his goodness/badness will have been for naught once he goes to jail.

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Hey ... cats gotta eat too ...

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Demizu has the heart of a true compassionate and loving person but one wonders if that balances the harm and sadness he created for so many innocent people.

Money is something that has no sentimental value. Jewelry maybe has (e.g. Received as a gift from somebody). I don't think victims here will be very sad. Angry maybe but not sad.

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so sweet... I could totally forgive him

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The cats must have been eating pretty well !

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Guessing here that he does not have a relationship with a human being to keep him satisfied. That said, kinda cool that he was taking care of cats. No cool that he was stealing for it. Why not set up a charity for homeless cats?

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"I could totally forgive him"

I'll bet the people he stole from won't totally forgive him.

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Crazy of the week. Deport him to this island full of stray cats and give him a cane so he can fish them fresh seafood.

Money is something that has no sentimental value.

What about the lack of money of people rendered unable to pay their daily life bills and feed their own pet cat on canned fish after the theft ? I doubt Robin Hood stole from very rich people. Those don't keep cash in unprotected houses, unless they are politicians, but then they have safes and alarm systems and probably increased police protection. It's more likely he took the nenkin hidden under the futons of modest elderly living in houses with doors that can be opened by just kicking.

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I doubt Robin Hood stole from very rich people

Um, yes he did, according to the tales anyway. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor. That was the whole point of Robin Hood. That's assuming he even existed of course.

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very, very lonely man.

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Must be lots of disappointed cats now in Izumi city... what, no gourmet food any more?

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Chicken often sells at 70 yen /100g or less, depending on the day. Cheaper and healthier for the cat than tinned food. That's what I feed mine.

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catman :)

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Mennonite Maiden is quite right - the way that unwanted animals are euthanized in Japan is horrific - a prolonged and agonizing death. Pet shops should be closed down, and breeders should be licensed and checked regularly, and adopting rescue animals should be promoted much more.

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Ahhh my heart. Sure he shouldn't be stealing but the world is infatuated with cats. Then again it is sort of everyones problem for not TNRing the animals.

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