Man served with further arrest warrant in murder of wife, 5 children


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Judicial autopsies showed the six died from loss of blood caused by stab wounds and smoke inhalation following the fire.

This statement is a bit funky. Does this mean all six were still alive when the fire started? It's very vague!

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Yes; stab wounds, but if they were DEAD, then they would not have smoke inhalation, hence being dead already, so:


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That's one sick SOB I hope they haunt his dreams for the rest of his life

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What kind of anger can do this cruelty to his own kids?

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I doubt an active fire engulfing the house can inflict several stabbing wounds while at it. Neither it allows to do so freely for others. The order seems quite obvious to me, irrelevant though. How did they inhale the smoke though, if they were dead by then?

Vague indeed.

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